Phobias: Top 10 Most Common Phobias Mankind Fears

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Top 10 Most Common Phobias

Everybody, whether you accept or not, will have fear in a few things, it may be short term or long term. Some may have a fear of Spiders, some may have fear of heights, etc.

The fear is common but Phobias are extreme level, where every time you will have the fear where ever you go, you will be conscious.

Phobias are a psychiatric disease affecting almost 10% of the population. The fear may be literally anything like Pyrophobia fear of fire, Alektorophobia fear of chickens, Triskaideka Phobia fear of number 13, there are thousands of Phobias that exists.

It affects daily activities, relationships, and even disturbs the mind. These Phobias affect the health of a person, sometimes it may reach up to his death bed.

The treatment can be only given individually because each person’s Phobia is different at different levels. Here we listed the top 10 Phobias of all time.

1. Arachnophobia – The Fear of Spiders

Arachnophobia, The fear of spiders, Most Common Phobias

Arachnophobia is a type of Phobia he/she fears for spiders, the person having this Phobia feels panic when they believe in any area there could be the spiders around and they will emotionally outburst, some may scream, run and cry.

In South Africa, people are not usually afraid of spiders because they are part of their traditional food. But it is not true in case of people from West or Asia, they fear for spiders or develop a phobia that spiders will attack them.

2. Social Phobia – The Fear of Being Judged

Social Phobia, The fear of being judged, Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World
Social Phobia

Social Phobia might occur if you are “shy” to meet people. Such situations generally occur due to pre-monitoring sessions when the parents do not encourage the kids to meet new people. They feel guilty or feel low at every moment they meet people.

There are other reasons causing socio phobia as well, like teasing, family conflicts, death of near ones, Maternal stress during pregnancy, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, etc.

3. Aerophobia – The Fear of Flying

Aerophobia, The fear of flying, Top 10 Phobias of All Time

Aerophobia is the phobia where a person is sensitive to the air or the movement of air. In some cases along with Aerophobia Phobia other phobias like Claustrophobia (fear of closed and confined spaces) and Acrophobia (fear of heights) may also exist.

Most of the people who have this Phobia will have the symptoms while traveling on a flight such as shivering, shortage of breath, vomiting, chest pain, etc. In another case, if any sudden disaster has been seen in front of the eyes like flight crashing also becomes this kind of phobia.

4. Agoraphobia – The Fear of Places and Situations

Agoraphobia, The fear of places and situations, Most Common Phobias

Agoraphobia is a Phobia in which you’ll avoid places or situations that you may feel trapped, helpless, or unsafe outside the home. Such people are more prone to panic attacks in their own surroundings and avoid crowds. They only consider the home to be a safe place.

The main reason to get this Phobia is from genetic and environmental factors that occur in one’s life. It is more common in teenagers and young adults but the ratio is below 1% suffering from this Phobia.

5. Claustrophobia – The Fear of Confined Spaces

Claustrophobia, the fear of having no escape, Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5), Claustrophobia is a Specific Phobia and it is a form of anxiety disorder.

In this case, traveling in a crowded place would always be a pain. You will avoid stairs, trains, elevators, small rooms, big buildings, empty spaces. This phobia, however, can be easily overcome through traveling.

6. Acrophobia – The Fear of Heights

Acrophobia, The fear of heights, Top 10 Phobias of All Time

Acrophobia is the phobia fearing of heights at an extreme level, the majority of people suffer from this kind of phobia.

The sufferers avoid any kind of height in places like skyscrapers, climbing mountains, planes, terrace, and even staircases. They feel spinning kind of experience when they look down from the heights.

7. Emetophobia – The Fear of Vomiting in Public

Emetophobia, The fear of vomiting in public, Most Common Phobias

Emetophobia is the phobia having the fear of vomiting, which avoids you from vomiting. You would go to any extent to avoid vomiting on any occasion but it cannot be controlled for a long time.

This may cause due to watching the vomit or other people vomiting in the public, sometimes due to food poison or stomach flu, this can happen.

8. Carcinophobia – The Fear of Getting Cancer

Carcinophobia, The fear of getting cancer

Carcinophobia is related to the fear of getting cancer and often suffered and scared to get diagnosed with it. They even worry about their children and family thinking what if they get cancer and non-curable.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychological counseling can help the person who is suffering from this phobia, this treatment can bring to notice the reality and assumption and slowing reduce the fear.

9. Brontophobia – The Fear of Thunder and Lightning

Brontophobia, The fear of thunder and lightning

Brontophobia is the phobia which basically means scared of thunderstorms. You would try to avoid stepping out of your house during lighting or thundering. You might find it difficult to breathe once you are out of your house on such an occasion.

If you think only humans suffer from this, you are wrong because even animals have this phobia they will try to hide in the situation but this phobia is curable.

10. Necrophobia – The Fear of Death or Dead Bodies

Necrophobia, The fear of death or dead bodies

Necrophobia is a phobia that refers to the fear of death. You would not want to be trapped inside a coffin or come across coffins or corpses.

This fear may have developed when your closest pets, friends, or family member dies suddenly, many believe in their culture that the dead body becomes spirit and they will be afraid of this.

These are the top 10 common phobias in the world, if you feel informative please share it with your friends and social communities to bring awareness of these phobias they are suffering from.

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