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Top 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Exist on Earth

Earth is a place for natural wonders and we always wonder what special place to visit, some are natural wonders of the world and some are man-made creations that will leave us baffled.

However, with all the scientific developments and scientists around the world researching and letting us know some of the amazing features, there are some places that have raised curiosity for scientists, and here are 10 such places.

10. Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen in Indonesia has a rare phenomenon of Neon Blue waters. It is around the area of the Sulphur mine which is built on the side of the dormant volcano, at night due to sulfur, the water here turns neon blue and flows like lava.

This phenomenon is caused by sulfur being mined within the volcano and the heat causes sulfur gas to get trapped inside to escape which causes blue flames to shoot up the air, the gas then semi-solidifies to liquid and flows which then solidifies and then the workers collect the sulfur.

9. Devils Kettle

Located in Minnesota, the devils’ kettle is one amazing place and is confusing. It is located along Lake Superior’s north shore and the River Brule flows here. Here are 2 rock cleaves where one stream of river flows and the other disappears.

But scientists are clueless about the stream that disappears where they have carried out studies using ping pong balls and dyes but they could not trace it anywhere and no one knows where the stream of water goes.

8. Hessdalen Lights

In the rural central of Norway over the Hessdalen valley, strange lights of white, yellow, and red color appear in the sky and can last anywhere from seconds to hours. The lights can move swiftly or slowly and will be seen floating mid-air.

Many theories are surrounding the lights and scientists say it might be caused due to Ion Dust but tests have not been conclusive for the same.

7. The Sleeping City

Kalachevskiy or presently known as Kalachi is a village located deep in Kazakhstan. It is known to be a sleepy village and you might have unexplained moments of sleep when you visit here.

The people here have sleep sickness and locals blame the abandoned uranium mines. People here suffer hallucinations, memory loss, and fatigue and thought uranium might be the case, however, no concrete evidence proves this theory.

6. Bermuda Triangle

Probably one of the famous unexplained phenomena on earth is the Bermuda Triangle. Located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, the triangle is a part of Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico it is not exactly a triangle, but this is the place where many aircraft, and ships have disappeared.

Many ships and aircraft which passed through this region have disappeared and people say that there would be a lost city of Atlantis that might be present deep within. The cyclone-rich area might have magnetic anomalies that are causing ships and aircraft to disappear here and is a mysterious place on earth.

5. Boiling Water of Amazon

Located deep in the jungles of Peru, this 7 km of Amazon River basin is so hot that people will die once they enter the boiling waters. Usually, if water is this boiling, the river should be situated nearby to a volcanic region.

However, the nearest volcano is nearly 700 km away and nobody has an explanation for this mysterious place nor can do any research as the waters here his piping hot.

4. Lightning Storms

In western Venezuela, there is a mystifying natural phenomenon that everyone researching this could not come up with the reason. Every night from 19:00 hrs there will be thunderbolts striking the water of the Catatumbo River for a stretch of 10 hours.

It can occur for more than 260 days in the year and scientists and geologists say that the uranium in the bedrock might be the reason but it was later regarded as an unlikely theory.

3. Humming Sound

The citizens of Taos, New Mexico complained about a strange humming sound that has no source in the year 1990, and scientists for over 20 years could not give a conclusive reason for the same. This led the citizens to say that it is their brain that is generating the sound.

2. The Double Tree

Known as the Grana Double Tree, the double tree is located between Grana and Casorzo in Piedmont, Italy. It is known for its cherry tree which is perched on a mulberry tree. The trees have merged in outstanding sight with their branches spreading over 5 meters.

However, this is the occurrence of parasitic trees but other parasitic trees live shorter and this has been living for years. The locals believe that the bird might have dropped cherry seeds on top of a mulberry tree and the root of the cherry has carved its way through the mulberry tree and is surviving atop the tree.

1. Lake Karachay

During the cold war, the USSR was desperate to catch the US in the race for nuclear weapons and one of the factories was located in the Southern Ural Mountains of Russia. It is located at the banks of Lake Karachay where the facility used to dump nuclear waste not realizing its side effects.

In 1957, there was an accident that caused the nuclear storage waste tanker to explode and the radioactive waste materials traveled over 9000 square miles. The area around the lake is so toxic that anyone can die if they stand over an hour here.

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