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Top 6 Strongest Earthquakes Caught On Camera in 21st Century

When we say earthquake people fear by hearing the name itself, but there are many countries who often receive earthquakes such as Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, etc.

Today I am listing the Top 6 Strongest Earthquakes Caught On Camera in 21st Century based on the magnitude level which makes you feel scary by seeing these below!

6. Mexico 2017 (Magnitude 7.1)

There was an earthquake in Mexico City and states of Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos in 2017, which took 248 lives including building collapse and earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1, and more than 6000 people were injured.

The power poles were felled, streets were blocked, transportation was shut down and much more. Mexico got affected a lot because it is the busiest city and almost all private and public schools were damaged too.

5. Alaska 2018 (Magnitude 7.1)

This earthquake hit South Central Alaska with a magnitude of 7.1 along with that 6 minutes later again it started with 5.7 magnitude. It was been reported 117 were injured and loss of buildings and great damages happened. In the above video, you can see the school was affected can’t even imagine in that situation.

4. Trinidad 2018 (Magnitude 7.3)

A major earthquake hit the north coast of Venezuela, shaking buildings as far as the capital, Caracas. The earthquake struck near the city of Carupano, an area of ​​poor fishing communities, and was felt in neighboring Colombia, as well as in island countries like Trinidad and Tobago with a magnitude of 7.3.

3. Nepal 2015 (Magnitude 8.1)

April 2015 was a black day for Nepalese because of the earthquake which killed more than 9,000 people and nearly 22,000 people were injured.

As you can see the video even the tourist places also got damaged and people never ever expected this to happen to them. It caused by the magnitude of 8.1 and destroyed the mountain regions including UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley.

2. Chile 2015 (Magnitude 8.3)

According to some reports, 15 people died and 14 were injured. It did not take many lives but indicated a Tsunami with the earthquake record of 8.3 magnitude hence, 1 million people were evacuated from affected regions and mainly suffered from power loss because of the Tsunami alert.

1. Japan 2011 (Magnitude 9.1)

Japan faced the biggest earthquake and Tsunami in 21st-century in terms of magnitude, it was recorded 9.1 which has beaten all other records. It caused greater damage to the ports, dams, electricity, oil & gas, even nuclear power plants were shut down and was at high risk.

There were 15,894 people were dead and more than 2,500 missing, the video above makes you scream because of the 2 huge building swinging like toys.

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