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Rivers in Karnataka

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Rivers of Karnataka

There are 7 main river systems in Karnataka, with their tributaries: Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, North Pennar, South Pennar, Palar, and West Flowing Rivers.

We are lucky to have so many rivers in Karnataka, the state consist of Rivers due to its geographical location, Western Ghats, Coastal Regions, and many other reasons.

Most of the River water is used for drinking purpose, agriculture, Industry and used as a source of hydroelectric power, and are used for transportation in some areas.

Most of the rivers come from the Western Ghats and head towards the east direction of the state. These are some of the largest rivers in the state and flow into the Bay of Bengal. As a result, almost all major rivers in the east are inter-state rivers.

List of Rivers in Karnataka

The rivers are mainly classified into 3 main river basins, such as Krishna basin, Kaveri basin, Godavari basin, and others. Here is the information on the list of rivers in Karnataka:

1. Krishna River

Krishna River, List of Rivers in Karnataka

River Source: Maharashtra.

States Covered: Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

Districts Covered: Ballari, Bijapur, Chitradurga, Gulbarga, Raichur, Kopala, Bagalkot, Gadag, Belgaum and more.

Dams: Almatti & Narayanpura Dam in Bijapur District.

Sub-Tributaries: Bhima, Koyna, Ghataprabha, Malaprabha, Tungabhadra, and Doni.

Total Length: 483 Km.

Size: 1,13,030 Sq Km.

Most of the south part of India depended on the Krishna River for their cultivation, drinking water, and other hydro-projects. Apart from these even many species living in Wild-life Sanctuaries where the water is flown. It has 28 tributaries where Tungabhadra is the largest river.

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2. Kaveri River

Kaveri River

River Source: Talakaveri in Kodagu, Karnataka.

States Covered: Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry.

Districts Covered: Kodagu, Mysore, Mandya, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru, and Bengaluru.

Sub-Tributaries: Harangi, Hemavati, Shimsha, Arkavati, Lakshmana Tirtha, Kabini, Bhavani, Amaravati, and Suvarnavathi.

Dams: Krishna Raja Sagara Dam(Mandhya)

Waterfalls: Gaganachukki, Bharachukki, Chunchanakatte, Shivanasamudra, and Hogenakkal Falls.

Meeting Place: Kaveripattinam, Tamilnadu (with River Kaveri).

Total Length: 320 Km.

Size: 36,139 Sq Km.

Kaveri River is one of the 7 major holy rivers of India, a very important river for drinking water, irrigation, hydro-electric power, and agriculture. The rivers flows from western ghats and make the way to the ocean along with many other rivers crossing different states.

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3. Ghataprabha River

Ghataprabha River

River Source: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

States Covered: Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

Meeting Place: Near Alamatti (with River Krishna)

Districts Covered: Belgaum and Bagalkot.

Sub-Tributaries: Hiranyakeshi and Markandeya.

Dams: Hidkal dam.

Waterfalls: Hidkal Falls.

Total Length: 216 Km.

Size: 8829 sq Km.

Ghataprabha River originates from the Western Ghats and flows towards the east, the Markandeya River is a tributary of the Ghataprabha River. This river is famous for the Godchinamalaki Falls (near Gokak Falls), before reaching its confluence in Gokak. The river also flows with the boundaries of the Ghataprabha bird sanctuary.

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4. Malaprabha River

Malaprabha River

River Source: Kanakumbi, Khanapura Taluk, Belgaum District, Karnataka.

States Covered: Karnataka.

Districts Covered: Belgaum and Bagalkot.

Meeting Place: Kudala Sangama (with River Krishna)

Sub-Tributaries: Navilatirtha, Benni Halla, Hirehalla River, etc.

Dams: Malaprabha Dam.

Total Length: 304 Km.

Size: 11,540 sq Km.

Malaprabha River from a holy place situated in the Western Ghats, the river flows and joins the Krishna River. The Navilatirtha Dam is the major dam constructed across the river. It has multiple tributaries as mention above.

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5. Bhima River

Bhima River

River Source: Bhima Shankar, Maharashtra.

States Covered: Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.

Districts Covered: Bijapur, Gulbarga, and Raichur.

Meeting Place: Jaladurga in Maharashtra (with River Krishna)

Sub-Tributaries: Bennithora

Total Length: 298 Km.

Size: 18,315 sq Km.

Bhima River is a tributary of the Krishna River passes through different states and helps farmers in their agricultural land to grow crops. There are many holy places and dams cover on its way covered in detail in a separate article link is given below.

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6. Tungabhadra River

Tungabhadra River

River Source: Kudli Village, Shimoga District, Karnataka.

States Covered: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

Districts Covered: Shimoga, Haveri, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Chikkamagaluru, Ballari.

Sub-Tributaries: Kumudvathi, Varada, Vedavathi, Swarnamukhi, etc.

Dams: Anjanapura, Tunga, Bhadra, Vani Vilasa.

Meeting Place: Kurnool district, Andra Pradesh(with River Krishna)

Total Length: 483 Km.

Size: 1,13,030 sq Km.

Tungabhadra River flows through southern states and finally joins the Krishna river, the name actually formed with 2 rivers namely, Tunga and Bhadra these both rivers meet at Koodli, Bhadravati. The river passes across many holy places which make it sacred water, people take bath to worship God near the river.

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7. Doni River

Doni River

River Source: Datta patana, Maharashtra.

States Covered: Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Districts Covered: Belgaum, Bijapur, and Gulbarga.

Waterfalls: Chaya Bhagavathi Falls (122 m height)

Total Length: 176 Km.

Even though the river originate in Maharashtra it flows into North Karnataka regions, this river is not pure and not suitable for agriculture aswell hence it cannot be used for drinking purposes, and faces lot of problems when floods arises. It just flows 150 kms approx but still it damages more in flood situations.

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8. Arkavati River

Arkavati River, List of Rivers in Karnataka

River Source: Nandi Hills of Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka.

States Covered: Karnataka

Districts Covered: Chikkaballapur, Kolar and Bengaluru.

Sub-Tributaries: Kumudavathi, Suvarnamukhi, and Vrishabhavathi.

Meeting Place:  Kanakapura, Ramanagara District (with River Kaveri)

Dams: Arkavathi Dam, Ramanagara.

Total Length: 161 Km.

Size: 4351 sq Km.

Arkavathi River is a tributary of River Kaveri originate in Nandi hills Chikkaballapur and flows towards the surrounding areas of Bengaluru. Previously it was the main source for natives living in this place but because of encroachments by the city, the river dried up in most of the places on its way.

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