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Hemavati River – Tributary of River Kaveri

Hemavati River is one of the rivers that flow in Karnataka State and an important tributary to River Kaveri.

Origin and Path

Hemavathi River originates at Balur located in Mudigere Taluk, Chikmagalur district at an elevation of 1219m and flows down to Hassan where it is joined by its tributary Yagachi River before joining River Kaveri near Krishnarajasagara. It is approximately 245 km long and as has a drainage area of 5410 km2.

Hemavati Dam

Being one of the major tributaries to River Kaveri, a dam was constructed across the Hemavati River in the year 1979. The dam is located above Gorur in Hassan District and it is near the Yagachi River confluence. The dam is 44.5m in height and 4692m long with a reservoir capacity of 35.7tmc. Water from this reservoir is used to irrigate 6.5acres of land in Hassan, Mandya, and Tumkur districts.

Tourism places 

The gothic architecture of Shettihalli Rosary Church can be seen when the water levels of Hemavati are low. Located just 2kms from Settihalli a place in Hassan District, Karnataka. Shettihalli Church is a church built by French Missionaries in India and is said to be constructed around the 1860s. It is one of the magnificent structures built on the banks of the Hemavati River. 

Built around the 1860s by early French missionaries, Shettihalli Church well known for the wealthy Britishers to worship here and its location as it is situated on the banks of River Hemavati. This Gothic-style architecture made Shettihalli Church famous and also many people started to avoid due to them hearing many stories about ghosts.

This church has attracted many visitors from around the world and tourism was boomed after the local government decided to construct a dam across the Hemavati River which in turn made this church famous as the half-submerged church. 

Apart from this, you can visit the Paravasudeva and Yoganarasimha Temples which is located on the banks of the dam.

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