Brahmaputra River

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The Brahmaputra River is also popular by the name of Tsangpo-Brahmaputra and it is regarded as trans-boundaries River and it is one of the prominent rivers of Asia. It is having its origin through Tamlung Tso and this is a lake and it is present in the southwestern Tibet region.

It will be flowing through southern Tibet and it would be getting into the Himalayas and that is gorges and Arunachal Pradesh and it is also known by the name of Dihang. It will be flowing from the southwestern region and then in Assam Valley as a Brahmaputra and Jamuna as in the south part. Delta getting merged with the Padma and that is regarded as Ganges distributaries and then it will be getting empty into the Bay of Bengal.

Brahmaputra River Information

This is approximately 1800 miles and this is one of the prominent rivers for the purpose of transportation and irrigation. 124 feet is the average depth of this river and 380 feet is its maximum depth. It is imperative that this river would be causing a lot of floods especially when the snow melts and it discharges approximately 1930 water and causes a lot of floods.

The Course of Brahmaputra River

TibetThis River is known by the name of Yarlung Tsangpo in the language of Tibet and it will be originating through Angsi Glacier and that are present on the northern part of Himalayas and they are not in the Chema-Yungdung glacier. This was identified through swami Pranavananda and he was the geographer of the 1930s.

As per the findings that have come out, it is having the drainage area of approximately 712,034 and it is 3847 km long. This is completely according to the new research done and before it was having an area of 520,000. This has been given through Mr. Liu Shaochauang and he is one of the academic researchers who are working in the Remote sensing Institute applications and he has been carrying out numerous satellite imagery expeditions through the Chinese Sciences academy.

Assam and Adjoining Region: This River will be entering into the Arunachal Pradesh state and it is known by the name of Siang. It is known for having the rapid descent and then it would be coming in plains and then it is known by the name of Dihang.

Later on, it flows for approximately 35 km and then it is joined through Dibang River Along With Lohit River and that is present in Assam Valley head. In the below region, this river called the Brahmaputra and then it enters into Assam state and it becomes very wider and that is 10kms. Then, it joins through the Kameng River that lies in Sonitpur.

Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh district will be diving them into 2 main channels and that includes Southern Brahmaputra and northern Kherkutia channels. These two channels join again and then in the downstream it will be forming Majuli Island and this was known as the largest river.

You will also get to see the Hajo pilgrimage center at Guwahati and here the Brahmaputra is present on the Shillong plateau rocks and that lies at 1 km. This river is known to have the very narrow width and Saraighat battle was also fought in 1671, March.

One bridge was formed here and that was opened for public in the year 1962, in the month of April and Brahmaputra floodplains environment had been described as evergreen forests.

Bangladesh: the Brahmaputra has been joined through the Teesta River and it is regarded as the largest tributaries. Under Teesta, this would be getting split into 2 branches. The western branch would comprise of prominent river flow and then it would be getting merged with lower Ganges and that would be named Padma River.

Its eastern branch used to be very large, but now it is smaller and would be called by the name of old or lower Brahmaputra. It would be joining Meghna River and that is present near to Dhaka. Meghna and Padma would be converging near to the Chandpur and then they would be flowing into the Bay of Bengal.

Meghna river would be its final part. A few years back, it was having a completely different Brahmaputra course and then it would be passing through Mymensingh and Jamalpur.

It was due to the earthquake that Bhahadurabad’s point had switched towards the south and then it got opened into Jamuna. Ganges Delta is one of the largest deltas of this world.


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