How is Trift Bridge an adventurous Suspension Bridge in the Swiss Alps?

Are you an adventurous person and likes to do some of the adventurous stuff? Then head over to Trift Bridge in the Swiss Alps.

Trift Bridge is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge situated in the Trift Glacier and has a spectacular view of the glacier. It is situated at the height of 100m and is about 170m long which gives a person a sense of adrenaline while walking along this path.

Built-in the year 2004 and replaced with stronger and safer cables, Trift Bridge is modeled after Nepalese High Wire Bridges and is considered to be one of the highest and longest pedestrian bridges in Switzerland. By climbing this bridge you can access the Trift Hut situated in Swiss Alpine Club and is one of the exhilarating experiences to do while in Switzerland.

To reach this bridge, one needs to board a cable car which will lead you to a place where you need to start to hike. The view from the hike is pretty with green trees and water and it is worth a while to stop and take images. Once you reach the bridge entrance the views are pretty spectacular which will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Thus speaking of the bridge, the bridge is suspended between two mountains of the glacier and the view from here is pretty amazing with the frozen lake below and is a must to visit place in the Swiss Alps.

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Trift Bridge in Swiss Alps

Getting here is easy as the Trift Bridge is accessible by road network from Geneva and the hike is probably 5 hours. So getting here early will help you to get beautiful views of the mountains.

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