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Earn Money Online By Reading Books

We all know that we can gain knowledge from reading Books but do you know we can also earn money from reading books? Yes, today I will explain to you in detail how you can use digital platforms and earn money online by reading books.

Not only I will tell you what it is, but I will also give you a full business plan and road map on how you can convert this opportunity into a successful business starting from scratch to the level where you can earn lakhs of rupees.

The business I am talking about known as Book Tubing, sound like YouTube? Yes, you need to do videos related to books on YouTube.

It all started with a Spanish YouTuber JavierRuescas in 2010, but now there are many international channels and even Indian channels doing this job well.

Spanish YouTuber JavierRuescas - Booktubing
Book Tubing

As we all know that people are spending more time watching videos, according to statistics almost 30 crore people watch videos in India and the number grows rapidly in upcoming years with the advancement of technology and dependence.

So, there is n number of opportunities in the platform that too Google-owned YouTube has most of the users, then why are you waiting to start your career here.

People are already doing many things on YouTube and earning lakhs of rupees by providing value to their viewers like entertaining, educating, etc. Here I will only explain the BookTubing Business plan in different phases, and follow my blog for more ways to earn money online in a legitimate way and keep a distance from the methods that scam you online.

Phase 1

( What type of videos you do )

This initial phase may take up to 3-6 months to grow, it is not fixed because it depends on you how consistently you are doing and how you are improving. For this business, you need to have good communication skills and you can make videos in different methods as

  • Some people face the camera and record the video
  • Some people provide only audio with slideshows
  • Some people will do animated videos and explain
  • Some people will show books and review them

You need to decide which method suits you and go ahead. You can even further plan whether you will Book Tube for all categories or select any specific category such as Educational books, Fiction books, Novel books, Biography books, etc.

You can do it on many mays like you can explain a summary of the book, what you liked, how the book influenced you, why you must read, you can even do listicles it’s a better idea for example Top 10 books, Best Books, you can collab with other BookTubers and make the videos, you can even mix the books with your lifestyle, you can show a list of books and create competition by asking the viewers which one they like, there are unlimited possibilities of making videos but only things is you need to start and believe in what you are doing.

Is there scope in Book Tubing?

Why not there are more than 13 crore books written on this planet, if you feel who reads books just go to youtube and search for Book Tubing then you will be shocked to see the number of subscribers for the channels that do it. And if you feel you don’t have ideas just see other channels and what there are doing and adopt the right strategy suitable to you.

How to Generate income from these videos?

Yes, here in this phase you can start earning money in 2 ways

  1. You can monetize the videos with ADS
  2. You can do affiliate marketing

1. Monetize with Advertisements

There are many companies that monetize your videos with ads on a revenue share model where a certain percentage of the money they will keep and the remaining you will be getting. The popular ad agency is Google Adsence, you need to get approval by meeting their basic conditions.

2. Affiliate Income

When you review the books you can also ask people to buy the books asking to check in the description where you should leave the affiliate link from amazon, flipkart or any site that allows and earn commissions when they purchase it.

Slowly with the performance of the uploaded video, you will come to know which type of videos people are more interested in and engaging and you can concentrate that way and increase your income by putting more and more videos.

Phase 2

( Reinvest and save time )

From phase 1 you will have the experience of doing things, analyzing viewers, getting income, etc. In phase 2 you need to reinvest in many things such as purchasing video editing tools or keeping a person to edit professionally, investing in cameras, improving the quality of the video, buying more books, etc. In total, you need to reinvest the amount that you gained from ads to save time.

Time to Level up Income Source

At this stage, you get sponsorships from writers, book publishers, etc. to feature their book on your videos or else even you yourself can contact publishers by mailing, call or directly meet them and tell them you got so many subscribers and charge them a certain amount to review their books or discuss the book, here you can even do an interview with the writer for the video as well, it all depends on you how you are willing to take forward.

Initially, you can charge less, and as your channel grows you can charge more. Here one thing you should remember you need to promote only the good books to your viewers to retain as your subscriber for a long time. By doing this you get the topic for a video, more reach for the publisher in return you get income.

One More Additional Step Required

In this phase, you must create a website with the domain name of your youtube channel and start reviewing books in text format and include the related video from your channel and ask viewers to check out your blog as well. Here opening several social media accounts and engaging people will be an advantage.

By using all these digital platforms you must collect your followers’ email IDs and phone numbers to send the newly released updates it may be video or blog. As you grow your followers by reinvesting you get more reach to the people and your business multiplies.

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Phase 3

( Write your own book )

By this phase, you will have more experience by reading different kinds of books, you can start sharing your life experience just like autobiographies of great people, it is not mandatory but people would love to read your story when you are in a position to influence people. This way you can create additional income as well as connect with people personally.

You can create contests for your viewers and ask them to participate in commenting to win a book, or you can start a giveaway for random people every month, people will go crazy to follow you. By doing all these people recognize you as a brand and start following you, share your videos, and more people start following you every single day.

Phase 4

( Focus on Passive Income )

This is the last phase where you need to plan for passive income which means even though you put in less effort you will make money regularly. The audience you have either subscribers, or social media followers all are interested in books, so this is clear. When it comes to business I would say “your network is your net worth” so here you have the network of printers, publishers, writers, and people who are interested in books. Now you can create a mini publishing house and create opportunities for new talents who don’t know a way to market themselves, you do it on behalf of them by printing, and marketing and charge for the service.

Here you need to invest more than before to make successful entrepreneurship. By following these steps you can earn around 1 lakh+ every month.


Many YouTubers are earning lakhs and crores by doing different things online, I want you to be on the list by grabbing the opportunity in the first place. In this article, I covered the entire thing that you required from scratch to finish how you can be a successful Booktuber and build your career. It all depends on your passion, planning, execution, and moving in the right direction to achieve your goals.

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