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What is a Blog? Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Professional Bloggers

Welcome to all upcoming bloggers and the bloggers who are passionate about your work, I think you heard the term “Blog” that’s why you are here, Do you really know what is a Blog?

If you are totally unaware of these terms or know the basics but want to know more, this guide provides a detailed analysis of the subject.

Don’t feel bad that you don’t know about blogs even in this fast pace of internet generation, even I felt difficult initially when I started my blog [ ] in 2017.

But things have changed, now I am able to tell you any topics about blog and blogging, my blog what you are seeing looks professional but way back it was not, for every blog or website it’s a common situation at the beginning.

For example: See the beginning year archives of the Authority websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, they look very basic but over the time of years they make improvements and dominate the search engine rankings, let me explain you in detail step-by-step.

What is a Blog?

The blog was called Weblog in the ’90s where people used to maintain like a diary or journal in a digital form writing about their daily activities, emotions, ideas, experience, opinions, and sharing with their friends and families.

Every now and then you read a blog post to be honest, just like you are reading our blog right now.

So, what exactly is a blog?

A blog is a simple collection of journals or a dairy located on a website, which contains text, images, videos, animated gifs, and other documents.

A blog can be a private or public platform as per the requirement of the Blog owner to share the information with the people of the community.

A blog is a medium of communication to convey messages to the millions of people in a most efficient and effective manner.

I will make sure the quality of all blogs be the best in the entire journey of teaching the beginners and professionals about the blog, keep regularly visiting or click on the bell button appear on the left side of your screen, we’ll notify you the updates.

Blogs are similar to the website but in blogs, regular and continuous updates are provided frequently and build the community of viewers around the niche and create a brand in the market.

Blogs contain different niches like fashion, cooking, business, motivation, etc. and even it can be a multi-niche site like mine, it all depends on the individual as per his passion, hobby, and interest.

What Is Blogging? How Does It Work?

Blogging involves planning and execution along with many roles such as selecting a topic, creation of content, linking with other sites, sharing on the available platforms of the internet, replying to the comments, answering on forums, being active on social media and much more, totally to say taking active part for your blog is known as blogging.

At the beginning of the 21st century, people are been exposed to new technologies and started identifying the importance of blogging for their businesses.

The History of Blogs

In the mid-’90s, the blogs evolved from the journals and diaries, few bloggers were using personal web pages and sharing among their neighborhoods, families, and friends circle.

Later with the technology advancement, new online tools came into existence which made blogs grow from then. was a famous website launched in 1999, where Google saw it as the opportunity and acquired in 2003.

In the same year, another competitor that came into existence named WordPress created the revolution in the blogging industry started from then, the scope also increased.

With today’s technology blogs can be built without knowing coding language Yes, you heard it right!

There are many Content Management Systems(CMS) providing ready tools to use for building websites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and more.. but WordPress is preferable for easy customization.

Hence, today you can see almost 30% of the world is using WordPress because even the non-technical person can also start blogs/websites.

Blogging has even entered the political campaigns, schemes, and decisions of the government as we have seen in the history of many parts of the world.

Blog Structure

There are many structural changes that happened to the blogs over time, but still, it is recommended to use the standard format.

Designers or web developers must consider the 4 basic factors before structuring blog/website

a) Search engine friendly

b) User experience

c) Navigation should be simple

d) Load time should be fast

Blog StructureThe common Standard structure of a blog contains:

a) Header containing a navigation menu bar

b) The main content area with the latest posts

c) Sidebar for Call-to-actions, Advertisements, social buttons, etc.

d) Footer with the details of address, links, privacy, about & contact us pages.

Types of Blogs and Bloggers

In the world of blogs, there are different types of blogs and bloggers, who blog for achieving specific goals.

If you have decided to become a blogger but do not know what your blog will be about, the following information may be useful to identify the type of blogger you want to become.

In this article, we will examine the types of blogs and bloggers that exist and we will see how each one strives to succeed in the world of blogging.

1. Personal Blogs

A personal blog is a blog where you can write about anything, without necessarily someone controlling you. Most of these blogs are usually designed to have fun or to interact with other people in their free time.

A personal blog has nothing to do with the goals, objectives, and profits like professional blogs do.

In personal blog need not be having professional writing, it is just like sharing your thoughts and share the things you love.

Suppose, if you are a teacher you can share the things that fun you had in the classroom with the students, or the images of the celebration of festivals, etc.

By doing so, you will attract people who have the same interest. They will read your blog posts and interact with you by leaving comments or directly contacting you.

Here is an advantage, as you do not write blogs for a specific purpose, the people who visit your site with the same interest you can engage and create the opportunity to convert them for business in the future.

2. Business Blogs

Business blogs are a totally different concept from personal blogs nor money-making blogs, it acts as a supporting pillar to the business.

In another type of blog, people earn money in different ways, but here in business blogs, they try to capture the leads to increase sales or convert for making an online transaction, here conversion is the key and the goal.

Still, you have a question why a business should have a blog?

Let me tell you, in marketing, I have learned a concept called remembrance value where we need to make people remember the brand all the time that’s what big brands are doing through the banners, T.V. ads, and more…

Here also we are creating the same but in a new way of providing value to the people and making them remember the brand, where they may become the future prospects of the business.

3. Professional Blogs

There is a mild confusion in viewing professional blogs in the minds of the people, some call themselves as a full-time blogger and some call as a professional blogger are both are same or different?

For example: When I say Cricket probably you might get a number of different perspectives in your head, so let’s dive in to get more in-depth knowledge on professional blogs.

When you see this image you may think many things consciously or unconsciously, as described below:

Sachin Criketer

* Your first thought starts with how talented he is, the skills he has and you come to the conclusion that he is gifted from god but they will be trained a lot to get into that position both physically and mentally.

* They try for the best they can be in every action of choice and mainly play only to win. Sachin Tendulkar has long experience in the field who has started his career from the young age itself.

* The constant improvement in every game he plays made him a successful person, they get remuneration directly (salaries) and indirectly (promotions, endorsements, etc).

And the list goes on, from the above example I’m trying to tell you is their life is full of sports isn’t it? Their living, day to day activities, and society perspective everything right!

Similar to the example even online culture also has certain characteristics to hold the title professional blog or blogger as below:

* Blogger who has got all the skill set to run his blog in a successful manner.

* A blogger who is busy every time in engaging the online tools which are been supported to the blog in growing the audience trust like replying for the comments in social media, creating new content, mailing the readers about the updates, and more…

* A blogger who has more community base where he is responsible for his actions on blog constantly.

* A blogger who is recognized from his blog and trying to build authority in his space.

* Blogger earning from the blogs and his leading his life with it.

And again the list continues, and now I think you are clear what a professional blog contains and a professional blogger does.

Even though if someone not understood, it’s simply the person who takes his career only blogging and even his earning, recognition, and actions related to his blog he is called professional blogger and the blog he maintains called the professional blog.

4. Niche Blogs

Every blogger has got only 2 options, either he can write the content on every topic just like mine, or he can write on a specific niche, the person who writes on specific niche he is called niche blogger and what he writes for, known as a niche blog.

The niche blog is where the gold mine is because only the interested people coming to your blog and you can build authority easily when compared to multi-niche blogs.

What is the use of a writing niche blog? It’s a time saver for the reader because he need not search a lot of things when he enters your blog he knows where he has to go.

It saves time and people feel more personalize when they see what they want at the right time.

In the niche blog there are several categories few of them as follows:

Politics, Lifestyle, Cooking, Fashion, Business, Sports, Story Writing, Automobiles, Baby care, Reviews, Technology, Travel, etc.

The benefit of niche sites is you can easily track the blog visitors, ranking, response, etc.

It gives a reliable audience, and easier way for monetizing by collaborating the market brands since you create on a specific topic the knowledge, creativity, and skill you improve which the readers love.

5. Affiliate Blogs

Bloggers making money online from the blogs they write by placing the affiliate products and services of different businesses and making them reach their blog’s community for commissions which are known as affiliate blogs.

Here you have 2 options either you can write the content you want and promote a third party or business or you can write about their products and services in more detail by letting know the readers about the features, usage, trends, benefits, etc.

Similarly, you can write articles of your choice and you can promote affiliate brands related to the topic.

6. News/Buzz related blogs

News blogs are the blogs where you need to collect the news, and blog about it regularly.

This type of blogging is not possible to maintain for unprofessional bloggers because it involves a lot of things like he needs to update the regular news and happening around the world or any specific zone he chooses, one must have the patience to do this and update daily without fail.

But there are high chances to earn money in these blogs since social media people are active and you can make them read daily news.

And moreover, even Google has got Google news blog where you can submit and be a part of it where they will promote your blog but google will review before accepting your blog by different parameters like quality, regular updates, content originality, etc.

And when I talk about buzz related blogs those are the blog content that is written to make viral traffic to your blog, it may be related to the movies, recent technologies, make money online or controversies anything.

Benefits of Blogging

1. You get a better job and you are the boss.

2. You get the opportunity to refine your skills of writing, thought process, and more.

3. More chances to make money online.

4. You can create a Brand where business people come to you for collaborations and provide more opportunities.

5. You can influence the people with your big community of people with your words.

6. Building a network with Top end people is possible in the journey of life.

7. Here, you are free to express what you want to say.

8. If you are planning for jobs, then this acts as a portfolio to get you a better job.

9. You can be a difference when most of the people are not doing blogging.

10. You can help others by solving the problem they are facing by your blog posts.

These are the things covered in order to start a blog, and the past present and future of blogging remain growing, it’s the question whether you are in the race or not?

This article I have taken 2 days to write continuously to help the beginners, there has been a lot of effort, research, analysis, perceptions, passion, the knowledge went into it, if you can help me out by sharing this article with your friends and families, it would be my pleasure for writing this article.

More articles are yet to come but don’t forget to subscribe, click on the bell icon appear on your screen to get new updates.

Cheers! All the best for new bloggers

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