Great Personalities of India

Azimullah Khan (1830 – 1858)

Azimullah Khan was a good organizer, a competent political leader, and a true freedom fighter. He was a man who believed in Hindu-Muslim unity and tried to obtain freedom for India from the British people.

Azimullah Khan Information

NameAzimullah Khan
Date of Birth1830
Participation inGreat Revolt of 1857
Date of Death1858

Azimullah did everything possible to obtain foreign aid against the British. He wrote many letters to the Sultan of Turkey to get help from them. He also made some openings to Egypt.

He was a handsome, thin young man with a dark olive complexion. He was more passionate about the feeling of dressing. He likes to wear oriental costumes that were covered with rings.

He was known as Dewan Azimullah Khan, who was initially appointed a secretary and then became the prime minister of Nana Sahib.

Personal Life of Azimullah Khan

He was one of the main characters in the revolt of 1857. His exact date of birth was unknown to all. He was saved as a Muslim boy from the famine of 1837-38 with his mother.

Azimullah Khan stayed at a Muslim orphanage where his mother worked as “Ayah or Servant”. He learned English and French at a government school in Kanpur. He worked as secretary to many British officers.

From there, he was taken to the service of Nana Sahib, adopted the son of the late Peshwa Baji Rao. He played an important role in the revolution of 1857.

It was a confidential opinion of Nana Sahib Peshwa. He was famous for his loyalty to Master Nana Sahib and his love for the country.

Political Works of Azimullah

The main reason for Nana Sahib and Azimullah was that Hindus and Muslims should unite and fight together for the freedom of India.

Azimullah Khan visited many important stations in northern India and set the stage for the revolt. Azimullah’s preparation has been kept confidential.

The letter was written in code, the secret symbols of the bloodshed to come, the red lotus and the chapatis had passed from village to village and regiment to regiment.

He worked as an active organizer of the revolt. Many people believed that Azimullah was the true leader of the rebellion. He visited London to obtain a pension for Nana Sahib before the rebellion broke out.

In England, it was taken under the wife Lucie Duff Gordon. She was an intellectual and a translator. Her husband was a public servant and cousin to the prime minister.

The Role of Azimullah in Rebellion

Although his mission in London was not successful, Azimullah returned with a more dangerous idea. The dangerous idea of Azimullah was cultivated as a seed of the Indian rebellion of 1857 by Nana Sahib.

Azimullah Khan played an important role in the Indian mutiny. Although he was the chief counselor of Nana Sahib, one of the famous leaders of the rebellion was a Muslim who had turned Azimullah into a marginal figure or rebellion.

Death of Azimullah Khan

He sacrificed all his life for the independence movement of India. He fought more for Hindu-Muslim unity and his freedom in India.

Unfortunately, the revolt was not carried out by him. Azimullah Khan died of fever at the end of 1859. The exact date of his death is unknown to all.

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