What is Internet Privacy and Security? Essay

Essay on Internet Privacy and Security: Privacy is the biggest challenge today when everyone uses the Internet every day for various purposes, such as booking a hotel, purchasing products and services, registering OTT Platforms, social media, and much more…

In the past two decades, people have started talking more about privacy. They can be individuals, companies, or governments due to technological advances that are causing more privacy problems and trying to find solutions to the problem.

Individual’s Internet Privacy

People don’t care about what they share online or, if they do, they will have no choice other than giving the information to use their platforms. After giving your data, did you even think about who would see this data and what purpose would they use?

These days, there is a lot of debate happening where Facebook and Google sell your personal data, is it true?

They don’t accept it somewhere it makes sense for me because Facebook or Google relies on your data to do business, the moment it sells to other businesses they will become valuable. But the fact we should accept is they are not selling data instead they are using data to do business.

I will explain to you with an example, suppose you have launched a new t-shirt for the market and wanted to advertise on Facebook or Google where they will have the data who are interested related to it, suppose I have an interest in t-shirts where I like related pages, groups, or I would search-related things on their platforms, they will have a track on me. In that case, I would be one of the target people to show their advertisement and I may purchase, this way they will use the data to do business.

Other then these reasons there is one more important thing, wherein the hackers can steal your data and misuse it by collecting your bank details when you are using different payment methods while purchasing online. So, the security of these platforms is most important than anything else.

Businesses Internet Privacy

The stealing of data does not happen only to individuals it happens for business to business as well. If you observe many times we log in to the accounts using Facebook or Google instead of putting the email and password that will give them access to your account for third-party platforms.

The recent years it happened with Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, it was the biggest data breach that happened in history. Not only that business can act as a spy on your business, steal your secrets, and more…

What do these businesses do with your data? The businesses can use for targeted advertising directly instead of depending on platforms where a large number of people are active or they even sell the data for other businesses for a higher price if that data passing hand to hand and reach hackers they can misuse in any way.

Government’s Internet Privacy

This is the high level of risk involved all the government data stored must have a high level of security because the leakage may cost huge amounts that can’t even count and countries get affected more when other countries steal and use. It maybe defense secrets, Public data, etc. In the future, there will be less physical war and more cyberwar.

So to provide security for Internet Privacy lot of steps are taken by business and Government recently like implementing GDPR for European countries and the US. Most likely all nations around the world will soon adopt this and even businesses are trying to make the users’ data safe in the near future. The government has to make strict laws and regulations that no misuse should happen.

Recently, the Government of India Banned 59 Chinese Apps as part of Data security issues. As technology grows even hackers can find new ways to steal ultimate it is all in individual hands, by not posting private data on public platforms you can be safe to some extent by doing this.

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