Short Essay on Independence Day of India

Short Essay on Independence Day of India
Short Essay on Independence Day

15th August 1947 is a very important date to be marked in Indian History because it was the luckiest day in 1947 when India became independent after many hardships and sacrifices by our Indian freedom fighters.

When India gained independence, the Indian people elected their first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who unfurled the tricolor national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi.

All people rejoice on this special day with great joy every year. Every year this day, who held the position of Indian Prime Minister, display the national flag early in the morning at the Red Fort, where millions of people participate in this ceremony.

During the celebration at the Red Fort, many events held including the Indian Army March Past, and students at the school perform cultural events. After raising the National flag and reciting the national anthem, the Indian Prime Minister delivers his annual speech.

On this day, as an Indian, we should be proud and take an oath to remain loyal and patriotic to protect our homeland from any kind of attack against the humiliation by the other people.

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