Short Speech On Independence Day For Primary Students

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Speech On Independence Day

Short Speech On Independence Day For Primary Students (Speech – 1)

Good morning to all…Respected Principal, Honourable Chief Guests, Teachers, Parents, and My Dear Friends. Firstly, I would like to wish you 74th Happy Independence Day. 15th August 1947 we never forget because we got Independence from British rule.

We must celebrate this day with great spirit. We should remember our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subash Chandra Bose, and others. A peaceful life we ​​live in today is only because of their sacrifices. Let us all work together to show our country is the best in the world.

I would like to say that we should be proud to be Indians. So let’s celebrate Independence Day today with joy and great enthusiasm… Thank you.

Jai Hind…Jai Bharath

Short Speech On Independence Day For Primary Students (Speech – 2)

Respected Principal, Honourable Guests, My Teachers, and My Lovely Friends… Firstly, Happy Independence Day to all of you who are presented here. Today I am glad to be a part of this ceremony. This is the day for all of us to celebrate and honor our nation.

On this occasion, we must remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. They devoted their entire life to the freedom of our country. As a result of their struggle, India got Independence from British Rule on 15th August 1947…

Let’s all Pledge do our best for the development of our nation… Thank you

Jai Hind…Jai Bharath

Short Speech On Independence Day For Primary Students (Speech – 3)

Good Morning to all… Respected Principal, Chief Guests, Teachers, Parents, and all My Dear Friends…I <<Your Name>> would like to speak a few words about Independence Day. We are all here to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.

This is the day to remember our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Sucheta Kriplani, Tilka Manjhi, and others. They sacrificed their entire lives for the freedom of our country, we should not let their blood go to waste, we should work hard to build our country.

Dear friends let’s work together to make our country the best country in the world. Thank you…

Jai Hind…Jai Bharathmata

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