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Here the girls drink the blood of the cobra snake like a tea-coffee! Do you know why?

Snakes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. When people see snakes, no matter how powerful they are, they are afraid. But what you need to know is there are people who drink cobra blood like tea-coffee! Let us see the reason below.

In fact, the people of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, have a unique habit of drinking the blood of poisonous cobra snakes. In most of the areas, the cobra is sold as snake blood and people drink it while they walk in the morning and evening!

Seeing the increasing demand for snake blood, shopkeepers here kill thousands of snakes every day. These shops selling cobra blood are open from evening tonight. Nobody restricting them at all.

Cobra Snake Blood, people of Jakarta drink Cobra blood
Cobra Snake Blood

Men drink cobra blood to improve their health, but women drink it to keep their skin beautiful! They believe that drinking cobra blood makes their skin glow!

People are advised not to drink tea and coffee until 3-4 hours after the cobra blood is consumed so that the snake’s blood does its job to their body! The shopkeepers himself advise their customers and people to follow the rules without fail.

The tradition of eating snakes in Vietnam has long since passed. Here, snake meat caught from the northern forests is used to reduce the temperature of the human body, relieve headaches and stomach problems.

People like to boil or fry snakes with lemongrass. There, the snake’s blood is mixed with rice wine and served in restaurants. It is unfortunate that snakes are being slaughtered every day to look beautiful.

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