How Did Bruce Lee Die Actually?

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Everyone knows that Bruce Lee was a legendary person. He has become popular for his role in Hong Kong movies since childhood. Then he returned to the United States to teach martial arts.

How Did Bruce Lee Die?

On July 20, 1973, we lost Bruce Lee when he was only 32 years old. The reason for death remains a mystery, many theories have spread among people after his death.

The cause of death can be an allergic reaction, heat, murder and even the family curse, but there is no definitive answer.

But the problems started to Lee 2 months before when he was re-dubbing the movie Enter the Dragon, he fainted right during a recording session and stated that he is suffering from headache and had seizures.

He was diagnosed with cerebral edema in the hospital, it is a condition when the excess fluid in the brain causes swelling and pain. After the treatment, he felt much better and the symptoms disappeared.

Here is a video Jackie chan explains how Bruce Lee died.

After his recovery, he returned to Hong Kong to talk about a new movie with the producer. One day, Bruce Lee met his lover Betty Ting Pei in her apartment.

He said he is having a headache and soon Ting Pei gave him Equagesic (a painkiller containing aspirin and tranquilizer).

Bruce Lee lie down and rested for several hours when Ting Pei could not wake him up, she called his producer, he came and they took him to the hospital but he was already dead.

His death was due to severe brain swelling and forensic officials concluded that the cause was an allergic reaction to the pain killer, but the question arises that there were no such symptoms which should occur.

According to another theory, he died due to the heat, suffered a heat stroke while re-dubbing the movie “Enter the Dragon”, it was too hot and the air conditioning did not work in the studio.

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Besides removing Lee’s sweat glands under his hand, this may be the reason why his body changes temperature and heat regulation.

After this incident, he came to Hong Kong where it is hot and humid, he may have had another heatstroke there.

Many blamed Betty Ting Pei for the death of Bruce Lee, claiming that she had poisoned him. It is believed that she was working for a secret society that wanted his death.

But the most popular theory of Bruce Lee fans was the family curse, he became popular after the death of his son Brandon. Brandon was a movie star and a 28-year old martial artist. He died of a bullet while filming a great movie “The Crow”.

All theories say different versions of his death story and it remains a mystery even today, but one thing is true he is a legend and a greatest martial artist in the world.


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