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How To Choose Your First Drone for Photography?

Who doesn’t love Drones tell me? It is not limited only to play around, but slowly entering in all our daily activities.  The best with the drone is that most of the time it comes with an included gimbal that perfectly stabilizes the photos and videos, hence drone photography is becoming popular in recent times.

Now people are using in many fields mainly in pre-wedding shoots, corporate events, used in border security and also Amazon company planning to introduce door delivery through drones.

How Drone is Usefull for Photography?

Just imagine how difficult it would be to climb hills, trees or any high places to watch a beautiful view of a place, but now you can stay in a place and fly your camera with your drone to capture the view.

Watch the Drone shot taken in the Philippines in the below video, you’ll understand better.

If you are a traveler or YouTuber, definitely you’ll know the value of the drone anyway, I’ll give you some more information on it.

In many remote places, where you cannot step-in can be captured within a few minutes through your drone. These shots can be attached to the videos or photos you want to.

In Photography taking a perfect Picture depends on the angle of the shot taken, now to take all the ariel shots became simple through drones which provide a new output compared to normal Photography and the clients feel Wow.. when they see it.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Drone For Photography

Keeping aside your curiosity to use Drones, it is important to know certain things that will help you before buying a drone.

#1. The Camera

Yes, Camera plays a crucial role in selecting Drones. Many drones come with attached cameras with a pretty high-quality resolution like 1080p and even 4k but the cost will be high for a beginner.

I would suggest you check the image Stability, Zooming ability, and GPS tracking device built in it, or else spending that much amount will be ruin and you’ll feel bad with your first Drone experience.

The GPS device helps to track the drone’s location if it is lost, this avoids the risk of buying another one.

Camera-wise it’s up to you, but make sure it has a GPS device and good Stabilizing system that helps a lot.

#2. Battery Life

Another big thing to check is the battery life, normally the flight time will be around 15-20 mins, you have to make sure you use most of the time.

Some drone companies advertise false promises of battery life, to be safer side check the reviews of the product online and watch Youtube videos to know the product details more.

After purchasing also test the Drone in a safer environment till how much time it can fly so that you can plan accordingly and avoid sudden crashes to the ground in the events you planned.

It’s better to buy an additional battery along with the drone because sometimes you feel clicking the photos or record video is the right time but if your drone doesn’t support due to the battery life, you’ll feel bad.

#3. Learn to Fly

I recommend before buying a Professional Drone buy a small drone that costs you less and camera attached, practice to fly and stand in the air so that you avoid the damages to the expensive drones and learn how to use it.

Drones are pretty expensive in nature so investing in an unknown device not a good idea hence, practicing with a cheaper drone is wisely advised.

Summarizing the Thoughts on Choosing Drone for Photography

Drones are expensive so choose wisely by looking into factors like whether the drone is attached with a camera or not, battery life, GPS tracking, Stability, higher resolution, and also look for other features like build quality, warranty, weight, cost, etc.

Practicing with low-cost drones helps a lot while you use professional drones in real-time, these are the main things to be considered before purchasing the drone for your photography.

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