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Romania Discovered 5.5 Million Years Sealed Movile Cave With New Creatures

Everyone is afraid to enter the caves because we do not know what’s there inside, there may be wild animals, bats, snakes, etc. In 1986, a prospecting team from southern Romania was looking for a good place to build a geothermal power plant and they accidentally discovered one of the undiscovered caves, its name is Movile Cave.

The cave was full of strange life with new creatures from millions of years, the cave was 20 meters underground with pitch dark, hot weather and full of toxic gases and contains a lake that reeks of burnt rubber and rotten eggs.

The cave was blocked in all directions with the thick layer of clay so there was no sunlight, food, or water passing through the surface and was an isolated place on earth till it was found.

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Are you curious to know what happened inside an isolated cave for such a long period? Is there life inside the cave?

Yes, there are all sorts of creepy crawlies and they formed a different and complex ecosystem, the Scientists have identified 48 species, including 33 that are found nowhere else in the world.

Movile Lake is filled with millions of autotrophic bacteria that contain 100% more carbon dioxide than the outside world and is the only food available for bacteria.

Since they do not have access to the sun, water, or oxygen, they use chemosynthesis, where the energy of the chemicals that involve toxic gases in the cave helps to produce their own food. Larger invertebrates, like spiders and centipedes, depend on them for food.


Some scientists wonder if these are from the initial stage of the formation of planet Earth, then these species might be similar to the earliest types of life. Very interesting, they founded 3 spiders, a leech, and an unusual insect called a water scorpion that looks like a bed bug.

These organisms have the troglomorphic adaptations associated with life in the dark, such as a lack of skin pigmentation and extra-long antennae to help them feel in the darkness.

In fact, many do not even have eyes because it is not useful to them.

But I don’t know how these creatures stayed underground, one hypothesis says that the climate change in the back 5 million years ago made it survive, another hypothesis says that the colder and more dryer conditions made them hide underground to secure and feel warm.

When they were accidentally sealed, their generations continued till now. But in science, we can only say possibilities, but we cannot give exact reasons as you know.

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