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Pokémon Go Grandpa in Taiwan Plays With 64 Smartphone Attached To His bicycle

Pokémon Go is released in 2016, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with the Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices.

The specialty of the game is players can capture, train, and battle with pokemon in the real world. If you are a kid from the ’90s then this story makes you go crazy.

Very few people may know about Pokémon Go Grandpa of Taiwan who went viral on social media back in 2018 for the love he showed playing the game. His real name is “Chen San-yuan”

He had 9 phones attached to his bicycle and 2 others that he was carrying to catch Pokémon around Taipei. Chen said he started playing after his grandson introduced the game to him when he was 66. Now he plays almost 20 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week until his phone’s battery runs out.

In 2019, he was using 24 phones. 22 of them were attached to the bicycle, while 2 were in his pocket.

The number of smartphones attached to the bicycle increasing day by day, now as of June 2020 the grandpa has upgraded his bicycle with 64 smartphones, what makes us interesting is the pattern of arrangement Yes, it resembles an opened peacock feather. There are 8 more slots remaining that sum up to 72 phones, let’s see when he will fill it up.


It has been reported that he spends more than £ 1,000 a month on gaming and Chen has also said that the game helped him to make friends and fight the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some people believe he is been paid by Taiwanese telecom companies to promote their brand. This point justified recently when ASUS was hired Chen as a brand ambassador for the ZenFone series and even called him for a media event to promote their Zenfone Max Pro M2.

70 Year Old Pokemon GO Grandpa Hired As Asus Brand Ambassador, Pokémon Go Grandpa, Taiwan, Unknown Facts
(Image source: nintendosoup)

ASUS was eager to replace every phone connected to Chen’s bicycle with a new Zenfone during the media event, and while more public appearances are likely to stop due to COVID-19, there is a chance that ASUS will continue funding him for his passion and also as a brand ambassador.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been pressured to use more and more phones over the years, although it’s hilarious to manage so many accounts at once.

His main problems arise with hotspot connectivity sometimes as he says. Kids recognize him with their huge phones and will play the game for some time and enjoy it.

I have no idea how he carries so much weight, but I am concerned with his health due to his addiction to the game. It is dangerous to ride on the streets anyway, now he has become famous and people love him for his innovative idea and game love.

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