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Ready to Experience Aquarium Toilet in Japan’s Cafe?

A Cafe in Japan named Hippo Papa Gives Unique Experience to their customers by Installing 3 sided giant Aquarium in the Toilet by spending £200,000 (about Rs 1.8 crore). The cafe came up with this innovative idea to attract customers and tourists. It’s a bit weird but yes it exists.

This aquarium toilet is allowed only for women but men are also allowed to see when the crowd is less. This Hippo Papa cafe is located in Akashi on the Hayashizaki Matsue Coast, Japan. The specialty of the aquarium is, it contains exotic fish and a male turtle.

People from all around the world visit this place, it has become a tourist spot after people started posting images and videos on social media and blogs. Most of the people spend more time inside the toilet but few hesitate to use it. But there are some complaints raised by the staff that people come and admire the fish but no sales happen in the cafe. Also, some customers tell it’s an uncomfortable experience using the toilet with sea creatures around.

Aquarium Toilet in Japan
Aquarium Toilet in Japan

The owner of the cafe has built about more than twelve years ago and his goal was to offer the pleasant sensation of relieving yourself as if you did while swimming in the ocean. Despite all of its pros and cons; it sure is worth visiting. So, if you are in Akashi, Japan, make sure to visit the aquarium toilet in Hipopo Papa Café!

The owner of the café built this twelve years ago and his goal was to provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation as if he were swimming in the ocean. Despite all its advantages and disadvantages; It is really worth visiting in a lifetime. So if you are in Akashi, Japan make sure to visit the Hypopo Papa Cafe Aquarium Toilet!

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