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Reason Behind Using Only Green and Blue Screen While Shooting

When it comes to special effects that we often see in the movies but are hard to recognize for common people. But for moviemakers or editors, it’s an easy job. Today I am going to answer your questions about why only Green and Blue Screen are used to shoot the videos and what is the difference between them?

Are you curious to know? Yes, of course so only you are reading this post.

Firstly I want to tell you a little bit about why we use Green Screen and Blue Screen, we use it as a background of any character or the main subject, and then it will be easy to remove the background using softwares and add the desired background it may be real or created with visual effects.

With the help of these screens, you can show imaginary places behind the character, suppose if you want to show a person on the moon or top of the building it may not be possible in real life.

Another example, if you have less time to shoot or your budget is low and you cannot reach a place like Switzerland, by using this method you can edit as if you are in Switzerland for the shoot.

Here comes the question of why only Green or Blue Screen used, why not Red, Pink, White, or any other color?

Green and Blue are the farthest color from the human skin tone and it is the opposite color too. So, when editing the shot by using different software’s it is easy to remove the Green or Blue color without any color deletion from the skin tone.

What are the differences between using the Green Screen and Blue Screen?

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Differences between Green Screen and Blue Screen

Both the screen required proper lighting while shooting but has some little difference using Green Screen and Blue Screen.

Generally, Green Screen is used in a brighter environment, it may be indoor or outdoor while Blue Screen is darker and used in a darker environment like shooting at night to get a good output.

When using Green Screen, sometimes the edges of the main subject glow green in color that can be noticeable in a darker environment so Blue Screen helps to avoid it. Also, Blue Screen requires more artificial lighting to see the main subject clearly than the Green Screen.

The thing is you can use Green Screen in a darker environment but it is hard to key out so next time you will be an expert while shooting because now you know when to use, why to use, and how to use Green Screen and Blue Screen.

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