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When we say India first thing comes in your mind you can’t even imagine, there are various mythologies, food, festivals, colorful dress, movies, cultures, traditions, and more…

Today we gonna tell you some Shocking facts about India you never heard or even if you know, we give more details…

Facts about India with Pictures

1. Bollywood Earns More Revenue Compared to Hollywood.

People think Hollywood earns more revenue from the movies in the entire world, if you have the same perception then you need to change after reading this.

Because Hollywood produces on an average 600 films in a year whereas Bollywood produces nearly 1000 films every year. Not only that, Bollywood earns 27x more profit compared to Hollywood.

An example we can take is Hollywood amazing movie ‘Avatar’ earned 2.8 Billion $ in 2009 whereas ‘3 idiots’ in Bollywood earned 76.8 Billion $ in the same year, hmm maybe the population and audience coverage is one of the reason.

But in India not only Bollywood there are other languages also producing big Cinemas competing global level.

2. India Has Floating Post Office.

Today we send messages through Facebook, E-mail, Whats App instantly due to the technology advancement but the back then we were using telegrams through post offices, it was reaching after many days but that was the only way.

We all know India is having the Worlds largest postal network covering more than 1,55,015 post offices. Now to tackle competition post offices even started functioning economically like lending loans, fixed deposits, and many other schemes and services.

Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir considered one of the best tourist spots, mainly Dal Lake for its beauty. Why am I talking about this place?

Because of the Floating Post Office which lies in the Dal Lake, inaugurated by Omar Abdullah in Aug 2011, who was the former chief minister of the state.

From then it became the tourist spot in India, to see people come from other countries as well. The specialty of the post office is, it contains museum and shopping stores too.

3. Hindi is not a National Language in India.

India is famous for its diversity, whether it may be culture, tradition, customs, language, etc. Since most of the population in North India speaks Hindi Language people think it is the National language but it is not.

There was a (PIL) filed in Gujarat Court to make Hindi as National Language, and to instruct manufacturers to print the labels in Hindi.

But the Chief Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and justice A.S. Dave after observing this case and said, even though the majority accept the Hindi as National Language there is no provision under Constitution hence, they rejected the PIL.

This is the beauty of our Constitution to safeguard all regional languages and give importance to every language which was drafted by Dr. Ambedkar and team.

4. Only India Has 6 Seasons in a Year.

According to the Hindu Calender, there are 6 Seasons in India Yes! It’s true. You’ll not find anywhere else in the world.

As India is diverse in nature even the season’s support for it. The Seasons are Spring Season(Vasanta Rutu), Summer Season(Grishma Ritu), Monsoon Season(Varsha Ritu), Autumn Season(Sharad Ritu), Prewinter Season(Hemant Ritu), Winter Season(Shishir or Shita Ritu).

The whole year has been divided into 2 months for each Season. Spring Season is the king of festivals if any tourist planning to visit India this season is the best.

5. The Name India Originated from a River ‘Indus’.

India is the only country called in several names in different time period because of many reasons.

At the time of people speaking Sanskrit, India was called Sindhu, there was the river named “Sapt Sindhu” here Sapt means 7, the river Sindhu called Indus now.

It is believed 7 rivers were today’s Indus, Sutlej, Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and at last the extinct river Saraswati.

Many traders who came to India started calling their own names likewise, the Persian traders were calling Sindhu as ‘Hindus’, and the name was carried on by European traders too.

Then the Greek people gave the name ‘Indos’ to simplify, further a Greek scholar thought of replacing a letter “o” with “u” so it became ‘Indus’, finally Romans named the ‘Land of Indus’ as India.

6. India Covers 17.74% of World Population.

India is the 2nd largest population in the world, this information we all know but have you ever wondered how big it is? No problem we gonna tell you.

India was having 390 million population in 1947 when we got freedom, but today you can see it has crossed 1.3 billion people and it is estimated that we will be in the 1st position in 2022 by defeating China in population growth.

By 2050 it is estimated to have 1.6 billion people definitely, there will be a lot of shortage of resources. The government has to take the necessary step to control overpopulation like One child policy or so.

7. Hindu is not a Religion.

Many Indians and other countries believe ‘Hindu’ is the religion in India, but you will be shocked to hear this, it is not.

You can read Indian mythologies and scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayan, there is no evidence having a single word written the word ‘Hindu’. hmm, now you may have a question then how Hindu became the religion.

The foreign invaders who came for trade gave different names for the people who are residing near the Indus river later they started calling the people Hindu which came from the Sanskrit word ‘Sindhu’ which means a large body of water.

8. Largest Religious Gathering in India Can Be Seen From Space.

There is no place in the world you’ll find such a massive crowd gathering in one place at a particular time that you can see in India.

“kumbha Mela” is the pilgrimage of faith for Hindus, many believe that their sins will wash out if they bath on the sacred river in a specific time frame, every 3 years once the event takes place in different locations.

The place of Kumbha Mela changes from one place to other Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain, and Nasik. Each location the Mela comes after 12 years.

The people who gather near river Ganges to take the bath appear in the satellite footage, so think how much crowd it would be? In 2013, it is estimated around 120 million people gathered over the place.

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9. India is the Second largest English-Speaking Country in the World.

Most of the countries speak their own language but English in India is a question because it is not our language, then when did English get attention in India?

It is estimated almost 10 % of the total population can speak English in India since it has a huge population of 10% amounts to a larger population.

When British Colonized India, they were speaking English but the people of India faced difficulty to communicate with them, Britishers were used English in their administration and education in India, but even after Independence, there was no solution in choosing the language.

Because India was having thousands of languages even though Hindi could have been done as a National language but to treat every language in the country equal that was dropped and continued English in the administration, and it was spread through the high and middle-class people in education, trade, etc.

10. India was Once an Island.

100 million years ago when dinosaurs were walking on the earth the most researchers believe today’s India was an Island.

It is believed that India was a part of an ancient big continent know as Gondwanaland(it means forested area) which slowly moved towards the north.

After some 50 million years where dinosaurs were extinct, the land joined Asia with raising peaks and mountains called the Himalayas still, the pressure of moving towards north continues which we can see in the rise of height in the Himalayas every year slightly.




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