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This Pakistani Woman Traveled Abroad 10 Times After Her Death!

Yes, it is true. She was traveling abroad even after death, how is that possible? Nothing is impossible for Pakistanis! She was a Pakistani woman who made the world believe that she is dead and traveled abroad 10 times. She is now counting the bars behind the cell.

In fact, she did this for insurance purposes. She falsely claimed that she was dead and frauded the insurance company. Not even that, she has frauded USD 1.5 million in Pakistan currency it is almost 23 crores.

Her name is Seema Kharbe. She went to the US in 2008 – 2009, where she purchased two large life insurance policies. Later in 2011, some Pakistani officials and doctors were bribed and she was certified dead. The authorities gave her a record that she was buried!

Pakistan Currency
(Image source: gulfnews)

Keeping the certificates her children claim all the insurance money. She went abroad by cheating with the fake documents and name but no one able to track her fraud.

The dead woman has visited 5 countries 10 times, though her deception has not been uncovered. Finally, the American FIA’s Human Trafficking Division got suspicious of her. They also instructed Pakistani officials to pay attention to the matter. Pakistani officials who started the investigation then found the woman’s cheating.

Though she traveled from Pakistan’s Karachi International Airport, officials were not suspicious of her with the forged documents. Now the FIA’s Human Trafficking Cell has launched a criminal investigation against the woman and her son, daughter, local authorities, and doctors.

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