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This Russian man booked a helicopter to eat McDonald’s burger

Viktor Martynov a 33-year-old man, spent the holidays in Crimea with his girlfriend. According to the reports, they did not like Crimea’s local food, so they decided to eat a McDonald’s burger. But McDonald’s was nowhere near the restaurant.

The closest outlet was about 362 kilometers. However, the man decided to eat a McDonald’s burger. Do you know what he did to satisfy his burger-eating desire? He booked a helicopter to reach McDonald Outlet!

He Booked to eat the burger and finally got there in a helicopter, for which he spent 2 lakhs! This Russian rich man told the world that people can do anything if they have money. The man had booked the chopper for two hours to go to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant to eat the burger!

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Martynov eats the burger priced 49 pounds, almost about 4900 rupees. But for this, he had to spend around £ 2,000, which is almost 2 lakh in rupees! There are no McDonald’s stores in Crimea. In Crimea, fast food was banned in 2014.

Viktor Martynov himself uploaded a video on social media about the incident. I and my girlfriend got bored with the food of Crimea, which is why we wanted to eat regular Mexican food, so we took the chopper and fly to reach the destination.

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