Time is still a mystery!

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Time is still a mystery

I don’t know anything about Time, but I have a list of questions with me. I want to present to you and share my point of view, my doubts, my feelings, etc.

What is Time?

There is no specific or scientific definition for “Time” but many people have accepted the meaning “The distance between the 2 situations is known as Time”.

For example, I want to attend a meeting at 3:00 p.m., so I left home at 2:00 p.m., the time it took to get from point A to point B is known as the time.

Time is familiar to all the people and we use it in our everyday life, sometimes we say that my time is not good, sometimes we say the time has come for you, sometimes we listen to our parents saying our time was only better than yours, when we are happy, we feel time is short and runs away, the same time when we are sad, we think why time does not move, likewise we often use time even if we do not know the meaning.

Then what is Time?

When we say Time first thing comes to our mind is the Sun, because every day sun rises in the East and Sunsets in the West and we calculate it as one day in our life. Even here, if you allow your mind to think 2 incidents occur one is sunrise and another one is sunset, the distance between these 2 incidents, our ancestors have given us the hours, minutes and seconds to calculate. Am I right?

If this theory is correct, what happens if we leave the earth and go to space? There will be no sunrise and sunset, Sun will be in his place every time shining, then what happens to time now? Does this mean that Time is only attached to Earth and nowhere else in space? These questions will arise in our minds.

If we go into deep and think, the movement of planets will help us to understand better. The moon revolves around the Earth and the Earth revolves around the Sun, here also the same theory of distance between the 2 incidents can be applied.

We live on a beautiful planet from our birth to death, but what about Time, does it have birth and death? We do not know!

If we ask scientists this question, there is an answer. According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the entire universe, including all planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies, was the size of a point when it was in the initial stage. It was 13.8 billion years ago, at that time, there was no time or space. We do not know the reason, but once this point-sized material exploded massively, from there, time and space appeared on the scene.

Time is like an arrow once it is released it goes forward and never returns, but we Indians believe it as the cycle of 4 Yugas such as Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga that are repeated one after the other, here there is also confusion after completing 4 Yugas, a new Satya Yuga will start or the previous one will be repeated, we do not know.

There have been many theories discussed by thinkers, scientists, and scholars, but it is still a mysterious question.

After reading this if you think Time is one-directional I have some more questions to ask you, we feel the Time is moving and to prove we show the Clock. At the teenage the man gets the mustache, the cell or the particle which is responsible to grow has born along with the birth, but he reaches a certain age, it is not visible, so what does it mean? Does the Time was zero for that particle till then?

I will give you another example, we all learned that the Sindhu Saraswati civilization existed almost 5000 BC, we got some paddy seeds from this civilization when we put it on the ground, it grew well. This means that for paddy seeds during these 5000 years, does Time was stopped?

If we believe that the Time is one-directional and continuously move forward, for mustache and rice seeds what does it mean? We only have questions but the answer, only God knows.

After our scientists examined the light, we got some answers, but at the same time, we got some more questions again.

Light travels at a speed of (299,792 kilometers per second) Can we move at that speed? People theoretically say “Yes” but in reality, it is not possible. But what if we can travel at the speed of light? What happens to time if so?

To understand better, I will give an example, suppose 2 children were born at the same time, both children are 1 year old, we keep one child on this earth itself and another one we’ll send in a Rocket to space with the speed of light, This child travels the space for 1 year and returns to our planet Earth now, the Time will be the same for him not even 1-second mismatches which means, his age is still 1 year but the child who remained on earth, his age will be 2 years.

“Time Stands Still When You Travel At The Speed of light”

Let’s make a small change here, suppose if we decrease 0.1% of the speed of light and send the child into space. After the child has traveled and come to this planet, the age of this child will be 2 years, but the child left on this planet will be 70 years old. This explains the faster you travel your time will be lesser.

What if we can travel faster than light? Is it possible is the first question? But in India, a physicist named E. C. George Sudarshan gave a theory called Tachyons where he explains that these particles can travel more than the speed of light. But so far, nobody has shown that this theory is false, so there is always an open door to research with this concept.

If we can travel faster than light, time will not go further, time will come backward. How or why? we don’t know.

Why the Time is very confusing because we cannot measure it with any device and know its features. Therefore, time is always a mystery!

When we travel at the speed of light as I said, time will stop, which means there will be no space like the earth or the entire universe. From this, we can conclude that when we travel at the speed of light, there is no existence of Time, nor there is no existence of Space.

As Shankaracharya says, the entire Universe is an assumption, even scientists say the same thing, Is it real, Is it possible or even this is also an assumption who knows.

But the finding of What is Time will never stop and the definition will change over a period of time through which more and more information will be collected in the future.

I hope you like this article!

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