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Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World

Mother nature is amazing, we get to notice some beautiful places and some deserted places. The water, air, sky, hills/mountains, and nature all gets so photographic that our mind captures it instantly.

The vast landscape of mother earth is beautiful which makes you stay at the place for a lifetime and the list never ends but still, we chose some Top 10 as the best, again it differs from person to person how he sees.

Here are the Top 10 beautiful places in the world you tend to visit the location
multiple times but never get bored of visiting.

10) Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA, Top 10 Places to Visit in USA
Beautiful Place – Grand Canyon

The breathtaking Grand Canyon drops to 1 mile and has 18 miles wide. The canyon was carved by the Colorado River for over 5000 years and the location is vast that you can see only a small portion of the canyon. It is said that the rocks at the bottom are over 1.8 billion years old and you can notice the history of the place here.

Many people visit the canyon from the southern rim due to its impeccable views, however, the northern rim not many people visit and is a place for hikers.

9. Antarctica

Beautiful Place, Top 10, Antarctica, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Antarctica

Although the location is uninhabitable for a long time, Antarctica is now becoming a tourist spot during the summers. The location here is scenic, however, the stretch is covered with ice, and you can find surreal blue glaciers, active volcanoes, and the stunning drake passage which every tourist wants to visit.

Antarctica is home to penguins, humpback whales, and many other animals that you can only witness here. Although you can find penguins elsewhere, you can find them in large numbers here.

8. Antelope Canyon

Beautiful Place, Antelope Canyon, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Antelope Canyon

The antelope canyon is one of the Instagram hotspots, however, the beauty of this place is what brings many people to visit here multiple times. The canyon lies around Southwestern America and places Antelope Canyon’s Navajo translates to ‘the place where water runs through rocks.

The rocks here are cut by the river and when the sunlight hits the location, you can find beautiful rock-cut cliffs here and the patterns are beyond normal eyesight.

7. Avenue of Baobabs

Beautiful Place, Avenue of Baobabs, Top 10
Beautiful Place – Avenue of Baobabs

If you have seen the movie Madagascar then you would love to visit the place. Home to Baobabs the place of Madagascar was separated from Africa and it has many secrets hidden. You can find giant moths, bug-eyed lemurs, and a stretch of Baobab trees which are nearly a century old and reach nearly 100ft in height.

6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Beautiful Place, Top 10, Blue Lagoon, Iceland, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Blue Lagoon

There are many lagoons all over the world however the Blue Lagoon takes a top spot to visit. It is a geothermal spa located between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport in Iceland and is now a top tourist spot.

It is known to cure many forms of skin diseases. The lagoon is man-made however the water is fed by a nearby geothermal power plant called Svartsengi. The warm waters of the lagoon are rich in silica, sulfur, and many other minerals that people visiting Iceland will visit the lagoon for resting.

5. Geiranger

Beautiful Place, Geiranger, Top 10, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Geiranger

Geiranger is Norway’s beautiful place. The land of glaciers, this fjord is around 1.5km wide and 15 km long. The fjord is uninhabitable and the only way to visit this place is via ferry or kayaking.

Visiting this place, you tend to pass through spectacular waterfalls, steep cliffs, and amazing natural landscapes. The place is a dream for adventure lovers as you find steep cliffs where you can go climbing, rappelling, and ziplining.

4. Boracay

Beautiful Place, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World, Boracay
Beautiful Place – Boracay

Anyone who has visited the beautiful island nation of the Philippines would not miss visiting the much more beautiful location of Boracay. Voted the best island in the world, Boracay has beautiful white sand beaches, amazing sunsets, and amazing waterbodies.

Boracay is now open to a limited number of tourists as the island was too many tourists. The local government decided to close it as tourists were harming the stunning coral reefs.

3. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Boulders Beach

The boulders beach is located in South Africa and the famous tabletop mountains which when climbed give the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town. Known for its beautiful landscapes, blue water, granite boulders, and penguins.

It is one of the top touristic spots in the country. Many people visit here to swim alongside the penguins or just sit back and relax.

2. Angel Falls

Beautiful Place, Angel Falls, Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World
Beautiful Place – Angel Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in the world Angel Falls is located in the UNESCO-protected Canaima National Park. The location is in Venezuela and angel falls is the most popular place to visit. The falls are 19 times taller than Niagara falls and the water here cascades 3,212ft down.

1. Salt Lands of Bolivia

Beautiful Place, Top 10, Salt Lands of Bolivia
Beautiful Place – Salt Lands of Bolivia

One of the most popular places in the world is Bolivia. Famous for its salt lands, Bolivian salt lands cover a total of 4086 square miles and were once a prehistoric lake that dried up and it formed 11,000 square kilometers of the desert landscape.

When the sun is high, you can see the reflection here. The area is mostly uninhabitable however during the months of November several pink flamingos and birds come here. The salt here is very rich in lithium and it accounts for nearly 70% of the world’s reserve.

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