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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World for Adventure Freaks

There are some roads around the world with dangerous speed limits and some killer designs. But some may be so deadly that they may send drivers to slide through the icy terrains and face death.

Despite their dangerous nature, many people use these roads, including tourists who love to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. In places like China, Bolivia, and Alaska, drivers can run into small, unpaved highways prone to landslides, inundations, and sharp mountain landscapes. These roads are often referred, as the most dangerous roads in the world, with some also including the word “death” in their names.

Therefore, here are the 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the world to navigate, whether you want to plan your next trip or experience the dangerous yet attractive Mother Nature

10. Austrian Road (Kazakhstan)

This road comes in number 10 on most deadly highways. This road is a 37-mile road. The road was constructed from 1915 to 1917. Drivers will go from 990-meter Bukhtarma Valley to 2137 meter high Burkhatskie Pass in Kazakhstan while driving on this road. This road offers a stunning view of the Karakoba River though the route is sloppy.

You may find damaged bridges that make the journey more impossible at times. But before you start driving on this road, don’t forget to learn about the weather forecast and avoid deadly landslides.

9. Svalvogar Road (Iceland)

The 13-mile Route 622 offers spectacular views of the Northwestern Icelandic coast, together with the Dýrafjördur and Arnarfjördur fjords. It is number 9 on the list of dangerous roads of the world.

The Svalvogar Road, cut dangerously beneath high cliffs, connects Thingeyri and Lokinhamrar across a region exposed to avalanches, heavy snowfall, solid windy weather, and landslides. Unpaved paths, steep drops, and the slippery surface of a narrow, rocky track are all we can expect.

Some of the obstacles along the way would be easier to overcome with a 4×4 with high ground clearance but don’t take this path too casually. Between November and April, the weather is so poor that the road is completely closed.

8. Taroko Gorge Road (Taiwan)

This road gives you a breathtaking view of the national park, which describes the inner meaning of the name of the road. In their native language, the name Taroko means marvelous. This road consists of several tunnels along the Taiwanese Grand Canyon connecting the east coast and west coast.

You will find blind curves along the road that makes it most dangerous. Drivers often face earthquakes and storms while driving through this road.

7. Carretera a los Yungas (Bolivia)

This Bolivian road, regarded as the “path of death” by natives, is 80 kilometers long and is generally considered the world’s most treacherous road. However, this does not dishearten numerous adventure freaks from attempting the road that joins La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, and Coroico in the Yungas region. One wrong turn could send tourists dropping anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 feet to the ground.

6. Zoji La Pass (India)

Zoji la Pass is another deadly road that is located 11,575 ft up in the Himalayas. Those who have Vertigo issues should not even take any virtual tour of this road. It connects Ladakh to Kashmir valley by way of a one-lane track. Most of the time, snow covers the road. Drivers may slip away to the deep gorge due to snow-covered roads.

5. El Caracol (Chile-Argentina)

This highway connects Argentina and Chile and passes through the Andean mountains at a height above sea level of almost 3900 meters. The Ruta del Caracol or Paso de Los Libertadores is its formal name.

There are several constricted curves, particularly on the Chilean side. It is especially dangerous because of the heavy Lorries that move along it, making it one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

4. Karakoram Highway (Pakistan)

Karakoram Highway, built at the height of 15,000 feet above sea level and in harsh conditions, is often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” The road’s construction began in 1966 and ended in 1979, but it wasn’t open until 1986.

This road is nearly 1300 kilometers long through the most precipitous region. You may come across rock falls, death cliffs, sudden landslides, and a group of animals while passing through this road. The path leads through the Hunza Valley, which was the background for James Hilton’s Lost Horizon, a novel about the renowned Shangri-La, a friendly place where people have lived for centuries.

3. Dalton Highway (Alaska)

This road is famous as Dalton Highway, but the formal name is Alaska Route 11. It runs for 666 kilometers, almost to the Arctic Ocean, from the interior of Alaska State. Dangerous Arctic weather conditions are a driver’s most horrible nightmare in this part of the world. Ice, fog, and snowstorms are common, making Dalton Highway one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

There are only three towns along this road, and attributable to the extreme weather conditions, you should always carry provisions and a warm outfit with you, as you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere.

2. Skippers Canyon (New Zealand)

Oceania also has several very treacherous tracks. Skippers Canyon is truly one-of-a-kind, with its lots of mountains and unpaved areas. This road was constructed at the end of the nineteenth century to help people search for gold on the mountain gradients. The canyon follows a meandering, unpaved path with several sharp turns. It will undoubtedly make you gasp for air.

1. Killar to Pangi road (India)

If you have steel-made nerves, then only you can cross this 114-kilometer-long hair-raising road. You can drive in the summertime on this route, but these rocky overhangs will wrack your nerves anytime. Only one car can pass through this barrier-less road. One wrong move and the driver will find it on a steep vertical cliff.

So if you have made a list of 10 Most Dangerous Roads to drive and buckle up, then don’t forget to check the videos available on different sites before you go through.

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