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Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in India

India, a land full of mysteries and surprises. Traveling in India is like a roller-coaster ride, exciting and unforgettable. The experience will leave you astonished because there’s so much to live in every moment. Here we are, with a list of the 10 most unusual places in India that you may not be familiar with or you may never have heard about.

1. Twin Town – Kodinhi, Kerala

Twin Town, Kodinhi, Kerala, Top 10, Unusual Places to Visit in India

Kodinhi is a village in the Malappuram district in Kerala, India. The village came to attention for the unusually large number of multiple births in the region. In a population of 2000, Kodinhi has 350 pairs of identical twins. It has rightfully earned the title of ‘Twin Town.’ The first association of twins in the country, The Twins and Kins Association, was also founded in the village.

2. Lake of Skeletons – Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Lake of Skeletons, Roopkund, Uttarakhand, Top 10, Unusual Places to Visit in India

At 5,029 meters above sea level, in the middle of the most uninhabitable part of the Himalayas, is isolated Lake Roopkund, surrounded by rock glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Popularly known as a mystery lake, Roopkund has attracted attention because of around 200 human skeletal remains discovered near the lake. These fossils date back to the 9th century AD. and they are visible in the clear water of the shallow lake for a period of one month when the ice melts.

3. Mawlynnong Village – East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Mawlynnong Village, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, Top 10, Unusual Places to Visit in India

Mawlynnong Village is located in the Khasi Hills of eastern Meghalaya State, also known as “God’s Own Garden,” and has been won as the cleanest village in Asia. Cleaning roads, collecting leaves, and throwing garbage in the trash is very common you can see done by the people in the village. Bamboo containers are used for garbage collection. The literacy rate is 100%. Agriculture is the main source of income for the local population. Mawlynnong village has other incredible sights including Living Roots Bridge, waterfalls, and Balancing Rock.

4. Magnetic Hill – Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir

 Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in India

Popularly known as the “Gravity hill”, Magnetic Hill is located near Leh in Ladakh. It is known to have a magnetic power that can pull a car towards itself when the ignition is off. It is a thrilling experience but in actuality, it’s an optical illusion created by Magnetic Hill. Cars on the hill may appear to roll “uphill”, but in fact, they are rolling downhill.

5. Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park – Balasinor, Gujarat

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park – Balasinor, Gujarat

Have you heard of Balasinor? This relatively unknown destination is only 86 km from Ahmedabad. In 1981, paleontologists discovered dinosaur fossils here, and over the years, they have discovered fossils of more than 10,000 dinosaur eggs, making Balasinor the third largest dinosaur hatchery in the world. It is also the only place in the world where tourists can touch the fossils. Imagine holding something that is 65 million years old!

6. Land of Snakes – Shetpal, Maharashtra

Land of Snakes – Shetpal, Maharashtra

Shetpal Village is located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra and is known for Snake worship. Each house in this village has a resting place for Cobras in the rafters of their ceilings. No case of snakebite has been reported in this village despite snakes moving about freely in every household.

7. The Ghost Village – Kuldhara, Rajasthan

300 years ago it was a prosperous Paliwal Brahmins village in Jaisalmer state. Due to some mishappenings, the inhabitants abandoned this place and to this day, the village remains barren. It is also said that the people who tried to spend the night experienced strange paranormal phenomena. When the sun sets over the sand dunes, residents of neighboring villages close the gates of Kuldhara. Kuldhara is today maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site.

8. Village Without Doors – Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

Shani Shingnapur a Village in India has no Door to their Houses

Located 35 km from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, the village of Shani Shinagpur is known for its popular Shani temple. Can you imagine houses without doors? It can be seen only in Shignapur, no house in the village has doors but has only door frames. The villagers have full faith in their god and believe that god Shani punishes anyone attempting theft. There is a near-zero crime rate in the region, interesting thing is the United Commercial Bank (UCO) has opened a “lockless” branch in the village, the first and only bank in the world you can find without security.

9. Hanging Pillar – Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Veerabhadra Temple, also known as Lepakshi Temple, is located in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. In the 70 stone pillars of the temple, there is one that hangs from the ceiling. The base of the pillar hardly touches the ground, and objects such as a thin sheet of paper or a piece of cloth can be passed from one side to the other. According to the locals, passing items under the pillar brings prosperity to life.

10. Temple Of Rats – Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

At Deshnoke, 30 km from Bikaner, there is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Karni Mata, the Karni Mata Temple. The temple is home to approximately 20,000 rats and is also known as the Temple of Rats. These holy rats are called kabbas and are worshipped because it is believed that they are reincarnated family members of Karni Mata. White rats are considered to be especially holy because they are believed to be the manifestations of Karni Mata herself and her four sons.

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