Woman Goes Viral Singing Shallow From ‘A Star Is Born’ at Subway

A Star Is Born! Woman Goes Viral After Singing 'Shallow' at Subway Station, comedian, Kevin Freshwater, England, Subway, Viral News
Woman Goes Viral After Singing 'Shallow' at Subway Station

In a clip that went viral on Facebook with more than 8 million views, comedian Kevin Freshwater were approaching strangers in England for a segment called “Finish the Lyrics.”

The video was going normal nothing interested unless at the end, where Freshwater asked Charlotte Awbery the same “Finish the Lyrics” and started Shallow song from “A Star is Born”.

She started lyrics with slow voice and then Freshwater asks her to continue, then the real voice came out and I was blown away watching it.

“I was impressed and lost by words,” Freshwater said in an email. Freshwater told Today, who has worked with several brands to create viral videos in the past, noted that Awbery, who is a professional singer, “seemed to be such a genuine and loving person.”

“I’m grateful that I have a platform to be able to showcase her amazing talent to the world,” Freshwater said.

The video appeared on Lady Gaga Twitter News, where she has more than 17 million views on her account.

People started commenting the amazing voice and singing talent, which has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, one thing for sure she has become more popular over night with her one decision to sing.

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