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You Can Take a Ramen Noodle Bath in Japan

What! Did I read it correctly? Yes, you did. You may like to eat Ramen Noodles but do you ever think that one day you have the opportunity to bathe in also? Maybe you can think of it in your dream but this dream can be really possible in real life.

Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan made it possible. This Spa house is known for offering different kinds of unique baths and spas which have many healing properties.

And one of them is a Ramen Noodles bath. Now you can enjoy your favorite food in your bathtub. Apart from this Ramen Noodles bath, they also provide green tea baths, Coffee baths, Wine baths, Japanese sake baths and so many. Isn’t this so interesting?

To give an unimaginary experience with benefits, this Yunessan Spa House takes it to the next level. However, for every bath they instruct, “No drinking, please”. But we don’t know how it will smell from your body after taking this bath.

This Ramen Noodles bath consists of ramen pork broth and artificial noodles. According to the owner of this resort, It provides you healthier and beautiful skins and helps in your metabolism as this pork broth contains collagen.

But if you are veggie then you may have some problems with this Ramen Noodles Bath. Currently, it is not confirmed that they still provide this Ramen Noodles bath or not.

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Will you try this if you have a chance to do so? Apart from the spas, many people have tried the noodle bath as the competition, pranks, and for improving their skin smoothness you can check on YouTube.

Here is the video below you can see how people enjoy taking noodles bath at spa.

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