Crabs wherever you see: Do you know why so many crabs come here?

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Christmas Island red crabs

Crabs are rarely seen in ditches, holes, and forests. But there is no place left where crabs are nowhere on this Australian island! Only Red crabs can be seen everywhere like it’s raining. The island, known as Chris’ Island, where crabs rush to the home surrounding from the roadside itself.

The island is named Chris Island, located in Queensland. There are billions of crabs in the world each year. The crabs block roads, homes, shops, bars, restaurants, bus stops, and everywhere.

These crabs travel from the jungle on one end of Christmas Island to the Indian Ocean every year for breeding. The roads are completely reddened by these crabs. Thousands of crabs die on the road each year. So it puts the governing boards there to drive slowly or sometimes close the roads.

Christmas Island covers an area of ​​52 square miles and has a population of about 2000. Thousands of people come here to see the crabs. Despite the tourist arrival, the road is blocked by crabs, without letting anyone drive.

Even if crabs rush the main road, they are carefully moved to the side of the road by using special equipment. Crabs are usually present in water. It is a mystery why these crabs are found on land, it is not usual and not seen anywhere else.

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