Do you know about Popcorn Beach? Found in the Canary Islands

Popcorn Beach in Canary Islands, Unknown Facts, Mysterious Beaches in the World
Popcorn Beach in Canary Islands

You have seen and heard about many types of beaches around the world. Some beaches are famous for their own specialties. This is one of those beaches. It is a beach that you have never seen, where there is popcorn everywhere instead of sand!

Popcorn is not popcorn, it is a sandy beach similar to popcorn. You can actually see this on the beaches of Canary Island, Spain. Here wherever you see, it looks like popcorn-shaped white sand spread everywhere.

Fuerteventura is the second-largest island in the Canary Islands of Spain. The island is one of the few attractions in the world. The sand of the beach, which has existed for many years is unknown.

There is no place on earth you’ll find this type of sand, the color is the same, texture everything looks like popcorn.

Finally, the mystery of Popcorn beach revealed

Rhodolite concentrations are common, calcareous structures of red algae that have nothing to do with coral. The difference is considerable: corals are colonies of insects and rhodoliths are concentrations of aquatic plants.

These coralline algae carry out photosynthesis, like any plant. But instead of being green, they are mostly red.

Then why it is round and white in color?

I will explain it to you. From many years, these plants accumulate calcium carbonate in their cells. These are spheroidal concentrations mainly they are not fixed to rocks but rather sway on the seabed thanks to the impulse of marine currents, hence their ball shape.

Little by little, they come together. At first, they look like popcorn, but some turn into real balls the size of those used in petanque. And altogether, they settle at the bottom of the ocean. When they die, only their white lime skeleton remains. The waves do the rest by taking them out of the sea and accumulating them on the beachside bed what you see like Popcorn but this is the rare place only where you can see.

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