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Freedom Fighters In Karnataka With Images

21. Gangadhara Rao Deshpande

Gangadhara Rao Deshpande, Karnataka Freedom Fighter
Gangadhara Rao
  • Full Name: Gangadharrao Balkrishna Deshpande
  • Other names: Lion of Karnataka, Khadi Bhageeratha of Karnataka
  • Born: 31st March 1871
  • Died: 30th July 1960

Gangadharrao Deshpande was the trusted lieutenants of Gandhi, he started his career as a lawyer and served many other roles. In the fight for the nation’s freedom he went 3 times for jail, he played an important role in politics and unifying Karnataka. He worked closely with great leaders who worked for the nation.

22. Nagamma Patil

Nagamma Patil, Freedom Fighters in Karnataka
Nagamma Patil
  • Born: 16th December 1905
  • Died: 2002

Nagamma Patil was the follower of Gandhi who brought the national movement to Karnataka and also worked her entire life for providing education to the Harijan children mainly girls. She participated in the freedom movement and got arrested in Belgaum for 3 months and also 13 months in the Yarawada Central in 1942.

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