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Freedom Fighters In Karnataka With Images

11. Ranganath Diwakar

Ranganath Diwakar, Freedom Fighters in Karnataka, Indian Freedom Fighters
Ranganath Diwakar
  • Full name: Ranganath Ramchandra Diwakar
  • Born: 30th September 1894
  • Died: 15th January 1990
  • Profession: patriot, philosopher, politician, and scholar

Ranganath Diwakar was a Gandhian who became famous for his writings, he wrote several books on Gandhi, Satyagraha, and many others. After Independence, he became active in politics and elected for Rajya Sabha. He was inspired by Aurobindo’s ideology.

12. Hyder Ali

Hyder Ali, Freedom Fighter, Karnataka, Indian Freedom Fighter, Tipu Sultan Father
Hyder Ali
  • Full name: Nawab Hyder Ali Khan Bahadur
  • Born: Budikote
  • Spouse: Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa
  • Died: 7th December 1782, Chittoor

Hyder Ali was the ruler of the Mysore Kingdom, father of the great revolutionary Tipu Sultan. He offered strong resistance against the military advances of the British East India Company during the First and Second Anglo-Mysore Wars and pioneered the military use of iron-shell Mysorean rockets. He also greatly developed Mysore’s economy.

13. Muduvidu Krishna Rao

Muduvidu Krishna Rao, Freedom Fighter, Karnataka
Muduvidu Krishna Rao
  • Born: 1879, Madras Presidency
  • Occupation: Editor
  • Died: 25 June 1945

Muduvidu Krishna Rao is a great journalist who helped in uniting the people of Karnataka by creating awareness thoughts and writings, even today we remember him as a freedom fighter, he was criticizing the British government in his editorials and making people aware of what they are doing.

14. K.G. Gokhale

K.G. Gokhale, Freedom Fighters, Karnataka
K.G. Gokhale
  • Born: 14th September 1896
  • Occupation: Teacher, Journalist

K.G. Gokhale served his life by giving education to the poor, he even conducted a Harijan school under a people tree. He also participated in Non-cooperation Movement and went to jail, not only that he was the first man in Karnatak to lead a group of volunteers to Ankola from Belgaum for doing Salt Satyagraha.

15. R.S. Hukkerikar

R.S. Hukkerikar, Karnataka Freedom Fighter
R.S. Hukkerikar
  • Born: 22nd October 1886, Belgaum
  • Profession: Professor, Journalist, and social worker

R.S. Hukkerikar was one among those who have put efforts to shape Karnataka. He was a true congressman was good in delivering speech apart from his profession. His patriotism made him arrest for 7 years in jail but still, he continued to protest against the no-tax system in Karnataka and also worked to unite Karnataka on a linguistic basis.

16. T. Subramanyam

T. Subramanyam, Karnatak, Freedom Fighter
T. Subramanyam
  • Born: 9th August 1900, Bellary
  • Profession: Worked as Secretary in various organizations and was an editor

T. Subramanyam was one of the influencers of people who worked in various secretarial roles including the Karnataka Provincial Congress Committee. He also edited a Kannada weekly called the “Karnataka Kesari” but later resigned and participated in Civil Disobedience Movement and went to jail and paid a fine of Rs 200 in those days.

17. Bellary Siddamma

Bellary Siddamma, Freedom Fighter in Karnataka, Women Freedom Fighter
Bellary Siddamma
  • Born: 1903, Dharwad district

Bellary Siddamma was a follower of Gandhi and spiritual mind worked for public life their entire life. Despite the efforts of our freedom fighters they were hanged, at this time Siddamma decided to throw the British out of the country. She unfurled the national flag and got arrested, after her release she again started to unite and educate people.

18. Nittur Srinivasa Rao

Nittur Srinivasa Rao, Karnataka Freedom Fighters
Nittur Srinivasa Rao
  • Born: August 24, 1903
  • Spouse: Padmamma
  • Profession: Lawyer, writer, and activist
  • Died: August 12, 2004 (aged 100)

At the age of 18, Nittoor Srinivasa Rao joined the Indian National Congress. He also participated in the Indian independence movement in the 1930s and 1940s. He worked for the Mysore State Congressional Unit and was active in the civil disobedience movement.

19. N.S. Rajpurohit

N.S. Rajpurohit, Narayan Shrinivas Rajpurohit, Karnataka Freedom Fighter
N.S. Rajpurohit
  • Full Name: Narayan Shrinivas Rajpurohit 
  • Born: 1887
  • Profession: Teaching
  • Died: 1953

N.S. Rajpurohit also contributed to India’s freedom movement by participating in anti-British activities but he is unrecognized. He wrote many books mainly on history but none of his works were remembered today. Being a good writer and researcher sadly many of his writing not published at all.

20. Abbakka Chowta

Abbakka Chowta, First Women Freedom Fighter, Karnataka
Abbakka Chowta
  • Full Name: Rani Abbakka Chowta 
  • Born: 1525
  • Spouse: Banga Lakshmappa Arasa
  • Died: 1570

Before the British colonization in India, there were many others who tried to dominate the country one among the groups was the Portuguese and Abbakka Chowta was the first women freedom fighter who fought against them in the 16th century. The Portuguese made several attempts to capture Ullal as it was strategically located. But Abbakka repelled each of their attacks for more than 4 decades.

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