Independence Day

How India Celebrates Independence Day

Firstly, a warm and heartful Independence Day Greeting to all Indians from our side.

With the power of one, the empowerment of everyone, and the exclusion of no one, we celebrate 76th Independence Day on the 15th of August whereas pride and reverence will be our priority. India celebrates the Day by remembering the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and tri-color flutters proudly in our hearts, our homes, and our hopes for the future.

The whole country will be filled with patriotism, it is a special day where you can find most of the Government buildings will lit up with lightings of national flag colors. The businesses also sell the products related to the nation such as Badges, National flag, Bands, Kites, Printed clothes, etc. Not only that people are now digitalized hence you can see the creative and informative posts on social media, short movies, and documentaries will be released with a related theme. Radio plays the music related to Independence Day and patriotism, TV shows, celebrations in schools, offices, a lot more…

I would like to say that it is a colorful patriotic day, there is no other place on earth you’ll find this type of celebration because we respect the day with our hearts.

The Day of Independence

We celebrate Independence Day every year at the Red Fort, it served as the political center of Delhi and India for centuries under the Mughals, then the British left with many historical memories. On August 15, 1947, the Prime Minister of Independent India “Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru” raised the national flag over the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi and addressed the nation. Since then the tradition has continued and even today whoever holds the Prime Minister position does the same.

Red Fort, How India Celebrates Independence Day, India

Reasons Behind Indian Independence?

The British people came to India for the purpose of trade later they established the British East India Company, slow they started taking control over Indian places, and then they started ruling India under the charter granted by Queen Elizabeth. They treated Indians as slaves and looted the wealth of the country, their policy was ‘Divide and Rule’ so they were pitting the local kings against one another and succeeded by the time 1850s.

These nationwide protests were held for a long period of time, and many sacrificed their lives in revolting against the British, a lot of fights, movements, murders, violence, etc. Mahatma Gandhi who took the leadership to fight against the British by following truth and non-violence finally got Independence, but it was not an easy job it ended with the partition of India and Pakistan.

Whirlwind Events Takes Place on Independence Day

Celebrations happen all over the country but Red Fort as the national symbol and with the historic political centre is the main attraction of Independence Day. We cannot explain in words you have to experience by visiting the place on the day.

Whirlwind Events Takes Place on Independence Day, Independence Day, India, How India Celebrates Independence Day

In India, Independence Day is the national holiday but still, people come to their offices, schools, and workplaces to celebrate the day with different cultural activities like flag hoisting, sharing sweets, playing games, quizzes, and more…

Before kicking off the event the Prime Minister will visit Rajghat to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed his life for our Independence who took the leadership to fight against the British. A large crowd will gather over Red Fort to witness the celebration and takes a strong message of patriotism to their homes.

Then the Prime Minister will arrive at the place and receives a general salute from the guard of honor, consisting of 3 wings of the Indian armed forces (Army, Navy, and Air force) and police from the Delhi. The events will get started with the hoisting our National Flag by the Prime Minister followed by 21 honorary gunshots into the air and National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) will be played. After that Prime Minister addresses the nation by remembering our great heroes who sacrificed their lives for the nation, and the present status of the country, and ends by giving hopes for the future.

After the speech, events continue with patriotic parades, march-past led by the Indian armed forces, and cultural performances by the school children.

In every state of the country, the Chief Minister will hoist the national flag, people in the country will be in a festive mood they fly a variety of Kites in the sky, schools, and colleges will be a holiday but it depends on the individual schools how they celebrate it may be decorating classrooms, competitions, etc. Not only that if we miss telling you about the special Beating Retreat ceremony held in Wagah Border it will not make justice, ceremony happens between India and Pakistan with a huge crowd from both the countries with high intensified patriotism. It consists of sword fighting, cultural dances, and the closing of gates.


Here it ends the day with a great spirit of involvement by every individual of the country by showing respect towards our country, the day may end but our sacrifices, our hopes, and our vision for the future will remain like a star in the sky.

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