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In Chicken-65, Paneer-65, what does 65 mean?

The name of the dish Chicken – 65, Paneer – 65, Gobi – 65, Potato – 65 comes from the mouth. These are the most popular snacks most people order at a restaurant or on the streets, but we don’t know what does 65 means but we eat when by ordering with the same name. Do you know why these 65 are included with those snacks?

There are many stories behind chicken 65, the first of which is more popular. According to the story, this dish originated in 1965 from the Buhari Hotel in Chennai, where the dish was named after AM Buhari of Tamil Nadu. He kept 65 as the current year of those days, it was added to the chicken dish and since then, the process of adding this 65 to many dishes came.

Not only this but after this dish, chicken 78, 82, and 90 were added to the menu at Buhari Hotel Menu. In addition to this story, there are some strange stories, such as chicken being cooked after 65 days of marination, hence it is called chicken 65!

Chicken is sliced ​​into 65 pieces, which is called Chicken 65! Once chefs used 65 chilies to make chicken super spicy, it was called Chicken 65! There is another story about this, which relates to Indian soldiers stationed in Chennai.

They were given a large menu at the Chennai Canteen, where the dish was listed as 65th item. So it was named 65. Because of the language in the canteen, the soldiers had trouble ordering snacks and they started saying Chicken 65.

This became the norm, as it was easier for soldiers to memorize the dish. We don’t know which of these stories are true or false, but there are many such funny stories being told about this dish. There are many more stories, but the first of them is a story closer to reality.

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