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Is it Physically Impossible for Pigs to Look into the Sky?

Recently, in one article of Interesting facts, I got to know that It is physically impossible for pigs to look into the sky.

So, I dug deep into the net and found out that this is a half-informed myth as pigs can look up into the sky, however, their angle of view is limited to 45-degrees, and also it depends on the fatness of the pig. Farm pigs usually have a lot of fat near neck regions which makes it difficult to tilt their neck towards the sky, but wild boars and wild pigs can look up to the sky. However, they can also look when they roll however, they do not have the ability to look straight up the sky.

This myth is so famous that many such posts have come across as giving improper information. That one needs to inform the fact correctly so that people would not get improper information.

Generally, Pigs have evolved to look for the food downward so they have their eyes and heads primarily faced downward. Also, due to them being bred for farming and food, pigs have been fed maximum so that there would be a layer of fat for meat production which stores near to the neck giving pigs to restrict their movement.

The wild boars and pigs are not bred so they have higher necks and can view the sky and also they do not have fat compared to that of domesticated pigs which provide greater mobility to view the sky.

Hence, the myth of It is physically impossible for pigs to look into the sky is partially right.

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