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Most strange Gobi in the world ..! Price is Rs 2100 per kg !! See what’s special…

Romanesco Cauli Flower is one of the rarest gobi (cauliflower) species in the world and is in high demand. The price is also very high. In many advanced countries such as the US, it is 2000 to 2200/kg, it is a pyramid-shaped cauliflower. Let us see the interesting stories said by the scientist.

This flower is called the (Romanesco Cauliflower). Its botanical name is Bressica oleracea, it relates to the cabbage, and broccoli vegetables category. This Romanesco Cali Flower is a good example of selective breeding. Scientist Fransv Parsi and his team at the French National Center for Scientific Research have studied such a strange structure of the Romanesco Kali Flower.

According to Parsi, Romanesco tries to make her look like cauliflower but it fails. The main difference between the common gobi and the romanesco Cauliflower is that the common gobi flowers bloom and have fewer flowers. But in Romanesco, the flowers do not bloom and remains as buds with a huge quantity.

Also in Romanesco, Flowers are Triangle and Conical. But these common gobies are rounded or flat. There are no such plants, so this is a strange plant. This strange kali flower is also consumed. Its color is green, with references to it first consumed in the 16th century. Its flavor is similar to peanuts. After cooking it becomes even more flavorful.

It can be used as a salad. Romanesco Cali Flowers contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Dietary Fibers, and Carotenoid, which is a great food for the sick. It is grown in some countries in the US and Europe, with prices ranging from 2000 to 2200 per kg, making the farmers very profitable.

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