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Oxana Malaya: The Story of a Girl Raised by a Group of Dogs

This is the story that makes you feel sad for the poor girl named Oxana Malaya who was been neglected by her parents and started to sleep with dogs outside in the farm kennel and it became the home for the next 6 years.

The dogs were protecting and feeding her and she also started acting like them. This story is an example for parents who neglect or treat their kids badly from their childhood.

Oxana’s mom had too many kids and didn’t have enough beds so she crawled to the dogs and started living with them.

Even her parents were alcoholics and they didn’t care for their children well. One night they drunk and left the kid outside in the cold, the girl looking for the warmth she crawled into the farm kennel to take shelter which saved her life.

Oxana took shelter in farm kennel, Oxana Real Story, Oxana Raised by Dogs
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From the age of 3-8, the kennel became her home and the dogs became her family. She had very less contact with humans and totally started adopting the behavior of the dogs. She was barking, moving like a dog with her hands and legs, drinking water with her mouth, etc.

She was rescued by the authorities and sent to a special care home got treatment now, a lot of progress has been seen where she could talk, walk like humans and communicate her feelings, but still, sometimes the habit of previous days trigger her.

There are many real-life cases that can be found in the world similar to this case where the kids who are grown with animals behave like them, it may be a monkey, fox, dogs, any animal. We have fantasy movies like Tarzan which explains a similar case.

Does the environment change the living being? Yes, but we do not know up to what extent.

The best example you can see in nature itself where Romania discovered an untapped cave which was blocked in all directions for millions of years ago and now you can find new creatures which are blind because they don’t have necessary of having vision in the pitch dark place, then generations continued and new creatures from the birth itself they born blind. Know the full facts about Movile Cave.

This gives us an idea of how our bodies adjust to the environment and pass through generations on this planet. This made me curious to know how humans are come up and what triggered them to be different from the rest of the animals.

Similarly, Oxana was grown with her environment and now she is in better condition and now she wanted to meet her parents but her mother disappeared for a long time.

Her father Alexander agreed to a reunion, he leaves his farm and meets the Oxana after traveling 350 Kilometers. He also bought a surprise for her with Oxana’s sister, she was not known that she exists.

Oxana Malaya Family, Oxana Malaya, Oxana Malaya Real Story, Oxana Malaya Raised by Dogs
Oxana Malaya Family

Finally, the time came to meet each other her father and Oxana standing in starring each other, then by putting step by step closer they spoke about their memories and became close, her sister was emotional and started crying but Oxana made her feel easy.

She told in a TV show that she lost one of the dogs in a car accident and she feels for it and even broke up with her boyfriend not matching similar interest and also when she was asked what is your dream in life? Can you guess it? She told finding her biological mother is her dream.

This attitude of forgiveness even after doing so much to her makes her great and these cases show the world still humanity exists.

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