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Qantas Airways Once Powered an Interstate Flight on Cooking Oil

Aviation is the industry that we all rely on to fly from one place to another, but do you know once Australia’s Qantas Airways used Cooking Oil for a commercial flight to travel interstate? Yes, it happened.

The industry has a direct impact on the environment because it is estimated that almost 2-3% of Co2 emissions are from international aviation so, in the future growing aviation industries will be crucial if they depend on traditional fuels that cause more pollution.

Not only the pollution, ever price wise it is costly so the companies are worried and finding new solutions to minimize their cost to sustain their business.

Australia’s Qantas once launched the nation’s first and longest commercial flight with recycled cooking oil, where one engine has 50% bio fuel mixed with traditional fuel and other engine has 100% traditional fuel.

As per the observations made by the pilot the mixed biofuel had slightly better performance and good to go. The test gave the new hopes not only for Australia even for the world to work on finding alternative solutions.

Since the test is made only to experiment and analyze the result the usage did not continue. The price of these biofuels also huge so need to research more on alternatives and minimize the carbon print in the environment.

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