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Shanghai Mother Plants 2 Million Trees To Fulfill her Son’s Last Wish

A Woman in Shanghai, China sold her home to raise funds to plant 2 million trees in the desert of Inner Mongolia as it was her late son’s last wish.

In the year 2000, Yi Jiefang a 67-Year-Old Women lost her son Yang Ruizhe in an accident while he was on the way to attend university in Japan. Before his death, he shared his dream of planting a forest where he wanted to return to his hometown and do so but life did not allow him to do.

Later her mother Yi decided to fulfill her son’s last wish, and she was successful to plant over 2 million trees in Kulun Qi Horqin sandy desert plain.


To complete this project Yi needed funds, for that she sold her home and her husband sold his clinic to raise funds for this project. The couple started the ‘Green Life’ organization with the money sold from the property, her son’s insurance, and took help from the local government to start planting the trees.

Then the magic has happened, where they planned to plant 2 million trees in 20 years, and half of the work was done in 10 years, and the rest 10 million were planted within the next 2 years, in total it took 12 years to plant 2 million trees.

The Green Life also affiliated with 2 foundations such as China Women’s Development Foundation and the Inner Mongolia Youth Development Foundation together they were raising funds for buying seeds and plants.

In a recent interview, Yi expressed her feelings that she is happy now fulfilling her son’s dream, and as the plant grows flowers bloom that makes them feel good and happy.

In the initial days, it was very difficult for her, because it was the desert she could not get water for plants, and the wind was blowing plants going away, eventually rained that was the god’s gift and was lucky.

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By noticing her work and dedication many hands joined as volunteers so they could able to do so, they limited their expenses and were using wholly for this project. Now she has a dream to cover over 23,000 square miles of desert with trees. Very inspiring right? what do you think comment below!

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