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Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple Disappears 2 Times a Day

The Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is also known as the Temple of the Lost. There is a unique event behind this temple. That event is viewed twice a day, which is why this temple is so special. Devotees come from far places to witness this scene.

Mahadeva Temple in the state of Gujarat is situated in the village of Kamboi, 60 km from Vadodara (Baroda) city. The temple is located on the banks of the Arabian Sea, Khambat Bay. Situated on the seashore, the beauty of the place is breathtaking.

Being on the seashore, the beauty of the temple is not only enhanced but also a unique event. The temple disappears in the morning and evening. Twice a day the tidal waves come and drown the shrine. The temple is not visible because it is submerged in water, so it is called the missing temple.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple
Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple

At the end of the high tide, the water slowly descends from the top of the temple and the temple begins to appear. According to beliefs, the temple was built by Kumara Karthikeya after killing a demon named Tarakasura. This temple of Lord Shiva was discovered about 150 years ago.

The entire temple is worth a visit. That is, you can only see the miracle scene happening here. The Shivalinga can be seen inside the temple only when the water recedes. And thousands of devotees worship at this time. When the time comes for the water to submerge the temple, the people who gathered will be out.

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It is said that the sea waves rise and plunge to worship Shiva Lingam twice a day. But the whole day it will not happen the same. Watch this video for more information, through this video, you will be able to see the information and miracles of this temple…

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