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This clock never rings 12! Connected with its mysterious mythology!

Even in our country, we treat the number 12 as a bad sign, but not so much! But there is a place on this planet where you cannot find the number 12 on the clock, you may be surprised to know! This bizarre clock is located in Solothurn, Switzerland, The truth behind this is different…

There is a clock in the town square of Solothurn, Switzerland. There are only 11 hourly digits in that clock. Missing number 12 from it! There are many such clocks here, including that watch. None of them have 12 numbers!

One of the great features of this city is that the people here love the number 11. Whatever the case may be, their design revolves around the number 11. You will be surprised to know that the number of churches and chapels in this city is just 11-11.

In addition, there are 11 museums, historical waterfalls, and towers! You can clearly see the significance of the number 11 in the main church of Saint Ursus. In fact, the church was completed in 11 years.

There is a set of three stairs and each set contains 11 rows. In addition, there are 11 doors and 11 bells! People here are so fond of the number 11 that they celebrate their 11th birthday in a special way.

Gifts given on this occasion are associated with the number 11! There is a centuries-old belief behind such attachment of people towards number 11. It is said that at one time the people of Solothurn worked hard…

But despite this, there was no happiness in their life. After a while, the elf (ELF) started coming from the mountain and encouraged them. The arrival of the elf brought joy to the lives of the people there.

In fact mythology about the elf is heard much in Germany. The belief that they have supernatural powers is pertinent, the elf means its number 11. For the people in our country who think only we believe in superstition, this story surprises them definitely.

So the people of Solothurn combined the elf with the number 11 and since then the people here have started to give importance to the number 11! Know more about this place in the video above!

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