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Unidentified Strange Lizard Like Species Found In Sibo Korong River, Arunachal Pradesh

Today I was surfing the internet and this video grabbed my attention, When I saw it first it looked like some birds swimming in water but it was something else. We don’t know who exactly captured this video but any scientists should research it because it was a different species from what we have seen till now.

There are still many things on earth we haven’t known it may be places like Movile Cave or the mystery of Bermuda Triangle similarly when it comes to the species still there are a lot of them which are hidden from humans.

The species looks similar to a lizard which is having feathers too. It was found in Sibo Korong River, Arunachal Pradesh.

Is it a Flying dragon lizard? not exactly but has the features related, I couldn’t say it is Lizard nor Dragon. When I observed the video the sound was coming very weird as the sound comes from bats.

I think someone captured one of them which is shown at the end of the video as showed in the above image. This is still an unknown species until someone research it and tells us what exactly it is.

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