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What Happens If You Are Lost in Space?

Have you ever wondered What Happens If You Are Lost in Space? You may be seen in many Hollywood movies made on Space like Gravity, how big it is and how dangerous it really is because according to human research there is no start or end to Space, it is a 3-dimensional vacuum place.

I know neither you nor me not going out of Space but Sometimes, the Astronauts for researching purposes they have to go out from International Space Station, and do research, in that situation if they get lost by accident in space what would happen?

The popular Space agency NASA has taken the necessary measures to protect Astronauts, the walking in Space is called EVA(ExtraVehicular Activity).

NASA has specially designed Spacesuit which includes the Oxygen in backpack and Water to drink, in Spacewalk, the Nitrogen supply will decrease and creates gas bubbles in their body, hence to maintain properly the pure Oxygen is supplied and the Carbon-dioxide is thrown out.

NASA says till now not even a single Astronaut has been lost and even for the future they have the confidence because a steel rope will be tied to the Spacewalk Astronaut which contains 26 meters long and 1,100 pounds in weight which is tied to the Space Station, it can hold up to 500kg pressure.

Suppose if Rope get’s cut what happens?

What if Rope get's cut in space, what happens, What Happens If You Are Lost in Space
Space Journey

I know you can’t even imagine the situation also, but there is another hope left that is SAFER (Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue) it is attached to the backpack of the Spacesuit, this is the only option left when the rope cut’s and he moved away.

Things to do in the situation

  • The first thing is he should not get panic and should be able to understand the situation.
  • He should find the Spacecraft direction and launch the SAFER from the hand control.
  • After reaching the Station he has to keep any part of the craft tightly and stay calm.

If the 2 methods fail, the only way to bring him back is by other Astronaut going near him, holding his hand, and bringing him back, this can be done only when he is near to the Spacecraft or else there is no other way found till now.

Suppose all these efforts fail, he will be remaining in the space itself forever because there will be Zero gravity, he may be revolving around the Earth just like the moon or if he is in the direction to reach the Earth before reaching the surface due to the speed and change in the atmosphere he will burn and ashes will remain just like asteroids.

A similar kind of incident took place in the year 1967, a Spacecraft in the Soviet Union when it entered the atmosphere of Earth it burnt out and landed on the surface and even in 2003 “KALPANA CHAWLA” women in India who flew into space and while returning similar incident occurred and died.

The hot gases try to enter the Spacecraft with a force that makes hotter conditions and fire get’s up.


If any person is lost in Space after losing all the hopes, he can live until 8 hrs where Oxygen is supplied from the backpack and has to die without having any chance or choice.

If any defect in the Spacesuit and exposed to the outer environment he will be unconscious within 17 seconds itself and the water parts in the body, like eyes, tongue, blood everything gets dried up, and since there will be no Oxygen the bones in the entire body will brake.

Since he wears the suit and dies, the body remains inside the suit itself, and only till the Oxygen remains in the suit the decomposition takes place after that there will be no decomposition and become just like Egypt Mummy.

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