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Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Have a License Plate on his Car?

You will be surprised to know Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Have a License Plate on his Car? Is it legal for him? or How he used the loopholes in the system? let me explain to you in detail.

Before that, what do you know about Steve Jobs, the co-founder of a well-known company in the world, i.e. Apple, it is known for producing innovative gadgets of our time. He achieved this by working hard as if there is no tomorrow. Anyways let’s see why he didn’t have a license plate on his car.

He was driving a car around silicon valley without a license plate for years without breaking the law! Yes, you heard it right. There were many theories on why he did so. Some believed he had some kind of arrangement with the local police, some others said he paid the amount whenever he was caught by the cop, some also believe that his fans were stealing his car plate whenever he places it on his car. But the real explanation is far sneakier than that.

Back then, the California government allowed people to drive with no plates for the first 6 months when they buy a new car. So, Jobs made the most of this loophole. First, he purchased a car and used it for the first 6 months then replaced it with a new car to get the benefit of having no number plate on his car.

The interesting fact is, while doing this he was sticking to the same brand and model, the Mercedes SL55 AMG. He even not changing silver color, I guess the company was happy to have such a regular customer. If you are thinking to do the same you can’t because since Jan 2019, the rules have been changed and they must have a temporary plate just like other states.

This real story may put so many worms in your head, right? That’s how Steve became different from others by thinking differently. Not only this, there are many other things he used to practice in his life, we will cover in a different post. If you find this information knowledgeful please share it with your friends.

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