Why we cannot say who is the reason behind Alcoholic Drink Invention?

Consuming Alcoholic Drink is the habit of millions of years but its invention was more popular in modern days because of population growth.

Today some treat it as a bad habit and some as good but when did Alcoholic drink invented? What was the purpose? today we’ll try to cover all your questions about Alcoholic Drink Invention information.

By drinking there were many advantages we can see in the History also, people used to gain more strength with the nutrients value it was containing.

In modern days we have kept the names Rum, Beer, Whisky, etc. but the ancient people may keep something else.

History of Alcoholic Drink Invention

There is much evidence collected to prove Alcoholic Drink is not a new concept, it is practiced from the stone age itself.

Because researchers got many beer jugs from Stone age while digging in countries like Southwest Asia and North Africa.

Alcoholic beverages not limited to the habits it also mingled with the culture of the people. Mainly they used as a source of nutrition in ancient times but later in the advanced generation, people use for celebrations, hanging out, etc.

Alcohol will provide a sense of well being, however conjointly acts as a depressant, lowering behavioral inhabitions.

Consuming Alcohol became a symbol of status throughout the middle ages, the mixture of various ingredients were extracted to provide spirits.

The business people saw the opportunity as a market for Alcoholic beverages and moved home-brewing processes to commercial activity in the 1700s by Europe.

Do you know which was the first alcoholic drink? It is Beer, but many other beverages started to produce from then.

Brandy was created in an accidental situation when a Dutch trader tried to boil wine “to remove the water and save cargo space.”

Every countries rules and regulation differs in the consumption of Alcoholic Drink even from manufacturing, shop opening, and closing, limiting the sales, or even ban.

Why was alcohol invented?

There are specific reasons found in the research but we can assume some millions of years back the environment was not like today, some people may be required some drink which makes their body heat from the cold weather conditions.

As we all believe we are the newer version of apes, maybe they were experimenting new things just like the invention of fire who knows? But one thing is clear today we experiment a lot with food and bring out new recipes likewise they may be experimenting with fruits and substances.

Some believe that to build great structures like Pyramid needed more strength hence they came up with a solution to energize themselves.

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How many of you know the history of alcohol in India?

Our history also dates back to the ancient times where scriptures from Vedas, Ayurvedic text, and from the mythological stories.

It is believed that around 3000 and 2000 B.C. itself people in India were drinking alcohol in various forms and names.

The Gods were also drinking as per the stories in the names as soma and sura the drink names, mainly highlighted with the God Indra in the heaven.

During the middle ages the warriors, emperors, military, and royal people were drinking for their own reasons, for some, it was a lifestyle, for some it was showcasing status, likewise. Even you can find Grape-based wine in the Maurya dynasty with the writings of Chanakya.

In India, when Portugal colonies existed they opened up the trade for Alcoholic beverages throughout the Country. But later the low alcoholic beverages was replaced with high alcoholic beverages to bring the varieties.

After the Independence, many states prohibited alcohol consumption based on the culture and public opinions. Only Goa state was continuing its production and again it spread throughout the country and we can see the position what it is now.

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