Do you think Instant Coffee Invention is recent one?

Instant coffee is the coffee which is almost ready to use with simple and easy steps, it is a coffee bean drink that allows people to make hot coffee quickly by adding hot water to the powder and mixing.

This method was popular in Western countries due to the busy life of the people and they were facing shortage of time.

History of Instant Coffee

The cultivation of coffee beans dates back to Ethiopia in the tenth century. It was introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century and the American continent in the mid-seventeenth century, after which it proved to be an extremely popular beverage.

But preparing it properly, from ground coffee beans, can take a long time but you can also store for longer period.

The Britain made its first “instant coffee” in 1771. It was called “coffee compound” and was patented by the British government.

The first Instant coffee invention was made by an American in 1851. It was used during the American Civil War the experimental instant coffee were shared with the soldiers.

David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand, invented and patented soluble or soluble coffee in 1890. For its manufacture, he used a process called “Dry Hot-Air” treatment or process.

In 1901, that the Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato, using an earlier process to prepare instant tea, created the world’s first instant coffee which is considered as best method to produce soluble coffee powder.

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Kato’s coffee, which he called “Sanka”, although initially bitter and spicy, was a concentrated solution made of coffee beans and dehydrated water, leaving a powdery residue that dissolves in hot water. .

Instant coffee invented in Guatemala – Belgian born chemist George C. Washington lived in Guatemala in 1909 and was the first to the market as opportunity and started mass-production of coffee with his “Red E Coffee” brand, after observing the formation of dry coffee in coffee makers. He dominated the instant coffee market in the United States for the next thirty years.

Although coffee sales exploded in the United States in the 1920s due to the ban, it was not until 1938 that the Brazilian government asked the Nestlé Company to help reduce its huge surplus of coffee.

Nestlé came with the solution after researching the problems and developed a process.

Nestlé has developed a spray drying process that has resulted in a more desirable dehydrated coffee with soluble carbohydrates.

Instant Coffee Ingredients

Coffee beans and water are the basic ingredients used to make coffee, but there are as many ways to make coffee as you can.

You can use more or less water, use semi-skimmed milk or skim milk, you can add a pinch of cocoa powder or cinnamon.

It all depends on your taste and preference, the flavors can be added as it tastes good.

Definitely even region to region the people preference differs, hence the company that produces Instant Coffee they have to consider the market based on the people what they like.

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