Beatboxing – An Inspiring Interview With Indian Beatboxer Abhishek Bhaskar

Beatboxing (also referred to as beatboxing or b-boxing) is a type of vocal percussion that essentially includes the art of mimicking percussion drums/machines, utilizing your mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

It can likewise incorporate vocal impersonation of turntablism and other musical instruments.

Beatboxing today is connected to hip-hop culture, regularly alluded to as the “fifth component” of hip-hop, in spite of the fact that it isn’t restricted to hip-hop music.

The expression “beatboxing” is here and there used to known as vocal percussion in common.

Indian Beatboxer Abhishek B.S – An Exclusive Interview With Jaborejob

We are happy to present you the interview discussion we had, which is really an Inspiring Story hearing from a young passionate person, he has achieved great things at the early age, aiming towards higher goals and he is a multi-tasker too, Let’s wish all the best for his future.

Here, we asked some Questions and Abhishek Beatboxer has replied, let us see the discussion.

Jaborejob: Can you tell us your background in a glimpse?

Abhishek B.SI am a Beatboxer, MC ( Master of Ceremonies), Host / Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Architect, Product Designer & an Entrepreneur by default.

I am the Founder of Voicetecture which is INDIA’s first-ever company to conduct Live Beatboxing Tutorials across India & ABA ( Abhishek Bhaskar Architecture ) which is a Design & Research oriented startup focusing on using DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE & VARIOUS Socio-Economic Issues to better tomorrow.

I started Beatboxing at the age of 14 with thousands of people appreciating my work & Rs.200 as my first “Prize Money”, and hence saw the creative and financial INDEPENDENCE in the field.

Hence, I took it up professionally at the age of 15 and have been beatboxing ever since, with over 700+ shows across India.

I have been the Brand Ambassador for Adidas Originals & JBL.

I am perhaps, the only beatboxer to collaborate on a project for the UNITED NATIONS

( A collaboration with 1200+ singers from 12+ countries all with one MOTIVE — To promote INTERNATIONAL PEACE ).

I have conducted INDIA’s biggest Beatboxing Workshops with the likes of CHRIS GAYLE & VIRAT KHOLI learning a beat or two alongside 3500+ other participants.

I am the first Indian Beatboxer to feature in a concept Commercial for PEPSI.

I am also a National Award-winning Architect with 3 National Awards at the age of 22.

1) YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD by A3 Foundation, Chandigarh — 2016.

2) UDAIPUR SMART CITY — Recognized by the Indian Government.

3) INNOVATIVE DESIGN AWARD by A3 Foundation, Chandigarh — 2017.

I also had the honor of becoming an Official TEDx SPEAKER and sharing my journey, THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST, where I also got the name “The Beatboxing Architect”.

Jaborejob: What kind of person are you?

Abhishek B.S: I am, as Sherlock would term it,.. “a high functioning sociopath “.

I mean business when I am in conversation with someone, I get right to the topic.

I also fool around a lot when it comes to breaking the ice with someone… I am pretty loud ( in my case, I have made a career out of being loud )… I am a pun master ( self-proclaimed ) and believe that every sentence has several interpretations…

I am also the self-proclaimed SHAWARMA Bae….for my love & never-ending-quest for the most mouth-watering shawarmas…so a big foodie by heart.

Want to know the secret to make me happy?? Buy me food.

Jaborejob: There are Plenty Options available to choose your career but what made you choose beatboxing?

Abhishek B.SI always believed in being independent. I wanted to leave as little a footprint as possible with respect to my dependency.

So Beatboxing served that craving for independence & helped me grow as an artist. I feel I have the best job in the world. I get paid to make noises from my mouth and also to entertain people. Who wouldn’t love that??

And for me, it doesn’t seem like a job as I enjoy doing it…so basically I get paid to do what I love doing…. And I am proud that I am one of the few who can say that.

In today’s world, not many can say that due to them being forced into work or other situations…I have always believed in doing what I love, and have worked hard to reach where I am today.. And believe everyone should do the same.

Jaborejob: Which incident made you choose beatboxing and nothing else?

Abhishek B.SI started Beatboxing at the age of 14 as a hobby, so one of my first public events was at a festival with thousands of people appreciating my work & Rs.200 as my first “Prize Money”, and hence saw the creative and financial Independence in the field.

Hence, I took it up professionally at the age of 15 and have been beatboxing ever since, with over 700+ shows across India.

Jaborejob: Would you suggest youngsters take beatbox as a career? Is there scope to grow?

Abhishek B.SYes definitely, I myself started off in 10th standard and now I am a full time beatboxing artist.

In fact, I founded Voicetecture back in 2012 which is India’s first-ever company to conduct live BEATBOXING Tutorials & workshops. So if anyone is interested in learning Beatboxing, they can get in touch with Voicetecture ( https://facebook.com/voicetecture).

We have regular workshops, and this is my way of adding to the beatboxing community.

Jaborejob: What are your mission and vision to achieve your goals?

Abhishek B.SMy main mission is to achieve self-sustainability. More than Beatboxing or Architecture, I am working towards a bigger mission which is to achieve self-sustainability using the resources we have & will have, to better the planet for future generations.

Jaborejob: How do you push through your worst times?

Abhishek B.SI am kind of an oddball that way….. I for one, love failures & pain ..as I have realized that is what will give me the prize in the end.

In terms of basic principles… Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed into the other…

So I believe that in order to receive something, you have to barter something else in return, and that has always worked for me. I also believe in hard work done cleverly… Gone are the days when just hard work could get you success, now it is a fusion of clever work and hard work.

So I always love constructive criticism rather than hollow appreciations… ultimately, the constructive critique is what will help me grow.

I crave the cold hard truth rather than sugarcoated lies.

Jaborejob: What are your success habits?

Abhishek B.S:

  • Time Management ( Most Important One for me ).
  • Basic Growth Hack ( simple task efficiency to help me multitask ).
  • Surrounding myself with good people & remove negative, false & shallow people. No time for empty words.
  • Setting Highly Ambitious Goals & achievable steps to achieve that goal. So even if not 100 %, I will achieve 85% of what people think is impossible.
  • Food & Nature calm my mind, so eat the food you love, and travel.

Jaborejob: We heard you are multi-tasker so how do you manage time?

Abhishek B.SPrioritization is the GOLDEN WORD.

I know what I have to do, to achieve something. And what will hinder my path to achieving my goal, so I have personally ended up sacrificing a lot of time which I could have spent with friends, going out…but again….those are empty experiences for me… if there is something productive, I don’t mind engaging…but if it is just to talk about pointless discussion, I recuse myself from such situations.

If I had the chance to redo this time again? And would I have done anything differently?

Nope, I believe I utilized my time well till date…and prioritized my actions.

Jaborejob: In the Present scenario, youngsters are struggling to get a job, so what are your suggestions for them?

Abhishek B.SYes, a lot of youngsters are struggling to get a job as that is the problem. They are all busy following, rather than CREATING… Only the ones who risk it will make it. If your risk appetite is low, your success reward will be proportional.

Traditional / Orthodox education is getting overloaded and failing miserably, we need to see innovation in the “education” industry. Traditional streams of employment are dying, Traditional jobs, work ethics, Company loyalty is dying too.

We are moving towards an ENTREPRENEURIAL Era where everyone is creating rather than following…and everyone should start creating, rather than blindly follow the herd.

It was a very nice interactive Question and Answers which inspires a lot of youngsters to achieve something bigger in life, people say no time but we should know how to manage time like Abhishek, I hope you all enjoyed and you also do something great in your life.

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