Did You Know Why Most Of The Celebrities Use iPhone Instead Android? Here’s Why

You may had this thought before or you will get this dought at least when you read the title of this post that why most of the celebrities use iPhone instead android? Here we have the answer.
There are 4 main reasons for this!

1. Easy to Use
In iPhones even though the versions change the basic features remain the same but in android, it varies from company to company and mobile to mobile, maybe the celebrities won’t get that much time to search for the features they need.

2. Security
As we all know iPhones technology enables high security compared to androids and hence celebrities use to secure their personal information not to go out without their permission. And hacking iPhones is also difficult compared to android.

3. Camera Quality
You can notice that celebrities take selfies and pictures in the events with a stylish outfit and upload them immediately on social media. Since they will not have time to edit pics they use iPhones for better results without any editing required.

4. Showing Status
Since the iPhone has the highest position in the market worldwide it may be price, quality, security, and features. The price of the iPhones will be high so celebrities use this phone to showcase their power and status in front of all and gain attention.

I hope these reasons will definitely satisfy the question and clear you fought why celebrities use iPhone rather than android phones. If you like this please share it with your friends and let them know.

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