Did You Know Yash Said Never Make This Mistake In My Daughter’s Case! What is it?

Rocking star Yash has grown to be the national star since the KGF big hit. Now whatever the Yash talks, gives a statement, family issue, all focus be will there on him by the public. He shares his emotions and the way he presents to inspire the young generation they give can be very appealing.
While Speaking in a recent event, he said: everyone was asking about me and my wife Radhika wherever we go all these days but now just asking about my daughter Ayra right now Wherever we go, Many people are visiting my home to see Ayra Ira.
He continued by saying Don’t ever make this mistake in life, give respect for the achievement she has made, not for the reason she is a celebrity kid. Respect her work after grown-up until then, all children are the same.
This shows his honesty and why people love him.
You can see the video posted on Instagram here!


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